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Beer Cups

Mostly for the expression of feminine character
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Most guys are aware that there exist beer mugs, beer steins, beer flagons, and even beer tankards. These things can be quite large and could possibly require significantly-developed biceps to lift, when full of beer. Men don't mind a bit, because lofting such things lets them express their masculinity.

Well, while many women may not enjoy beer as much as most men, there are plenty of women who do like beer, of which a considerable number would probably appreciate a more dainty drinking vessel --perhaps of a size resembling that of a teacup (maybe even a child's tea-party teacup).

There remains the shape of this "beer cup" to consider. Obviously it should differ from the usual teacup shape, simply because this Idea is about BEER, not tea. So, perhaps a simple cylinder, having a top ridge, rather like the shape of a beer can.

If it was 2/3 the height and 2/3 the diameter of a standard-size beer can (roughly 1/3 liter; NOT that Aussie "Fosters" can), this beer cup would hold about the same amount as an ordinary teacup.

It must have a handle, of course, much like a teacup handle, for appropriately dainty lofting.

Vernon, May 17 2015


       Sexist nonsense. Plenty of women drink pints or even litres, and plenty of them could kick your ass in a fight.
xenzag, May 17 2015

       [xenzag], plenty of women have a masculine streak, just as plenty of men have a feminine streak. It is not "sexist" to recognize Truth --and it is definitely a Truth, that many women like to express femininity, just as many men like to express masculinity. This Idea is simply about one more avenue for women WHO WANT TO TAKE THAT AVENUE, to express themselves. The availability of a Beer Cup is not a Mandate for it to be used, after all!
Vernon, May 17 2015

       The large breweries (and all others followed suit) replaced the much-loved Canadian "stubby" with the American longneck, mostly because they're idiots, but partially to attract women drinkers whom, they presumed, couldn't hold the portly container in their widdle hands (and apparently hadn't been drinking right from the bottle for the 25 years the stubby reigned supreme).   

       The new ones get accidentally knocked over more but hey, on the bright side the extended neck makes them more convenient as weapons.   

       [+] yes, dainty beer mugs. I can't actually picture it, but why not.
FlyingToaster, May 17 2015

       When I was in Brittany I was pleased to be served Breton cider in the traditional hemispherical earthenware teacup-like cups.   

       Also proper china teacups and saucers are widely known to be used for serving gin and other spirits.
pocmloc, May 17 2015

       I'm with xen on this one. When I drank beer I pounded them back faster and with more gusto than my "pinky finger up" male drinking companion. You paint a rather large swath with your "many women" theory. Me thinks.
blissmiss, May 17 2015

       [blissmiss], remember primitive/facetious counting? "One, two, three, many"? The total adult female population is quite large enough for there to be a long list of groups, each of which encompasses "many" women (grin).   

       [FlyingToaster], I think you are talking about bottle- shapes, not can-shapes. A mini version of the bottle shape will likely have a too-small opening at the top of the cup (think in terms of FILLING it); a mini can-shape will still have a reasonable- sized opening at the top of the cup.
Vernon, May 17 2015

       ah well, cans and bottles are easy to effeminize : paint them pink, rename it "barley dew" and jack the price up ;D   

       I'm pretty much drawing on a blank for a beer glass though : a representation of a lioness' head ?
FlyingToaster, May 17 2015

       My wife prefers rocks glasses.
normzone, May 17 2015

       nice idea
peter2, May 19 2015

       When drinking beer from these dainty cups, does one extend the pinky or middle finger?
bungston, May 19 2015

       Red SOLO cup
evilpenguin, May 19 2015


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