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My Pet Beer

Mans NEW Best Friend, Plus he's "Recycleable"!
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Ever see those silly little kids walking their invisable Dog on it's leash? Well what do you think happens? Their invisable, so cars cant see em, and SPLAT!

Well here's a solution. With the new Plastic Beer bottles, which can be taken everywhere without fear of them breaking, why not put them in their rightful place? As Man's New Best Friend.

Yes! Thats right! Who, or what is man's best friend really? BEER! Yes, your good old buddy, who's always faithful, never humps your date's leg, and always does as he's told. BEER!

Imagine a day at the park, walking your new best friend. Oh WOW! look! No mess to clean up! and there he is right besides you all the time. Not Chasing Cats, or attacking your mailman. Plus, you can get one of those leashes from those Invisable "SPLAT"'s and put your buddy on there, and then watch your friends envy you.

Well here is my point(Finally). Lets put them is their rightful place. As man's best friend, and when your done with them, it's "Recycle" Time :)


whozlot, Jun 13 2001


       [sp: invisible, recyclable]
jutta, Jun 13 2001

       do they give out free hallucinogenics where you live, whozlot?
lewisgirl, Jun 13 2001

       But won't this eventually degrade into people carrying around invisible beer?
beauxeault, Jun 13 2001

       WOW! Can you believe that this is just my second post, and i'm already being accused of being a druggie!OK, so I cant spell. Second is I dont Drink eithor(Or drugs). But this is a Real Idea. I wanted to dress up beer bottles with little troll hair and funny faces, and see if they would sell. ok... bye bye now. Z
whozlot, Jun 13 2001

       no accusation intended. If you don't Drink (I like the use of the capital D), why do you want a pet beer? Are you very socially aware and altruistically halfbaking, or just got your self-image confused? Excuse me for this, I'm just having an obstreporous day.
lewisgirl, Jun 13 2001

       Two possibilities:   

       - whozlot is a girl ranting about how boys love their beers more than _ANYTHING_   

       - whozlot is a boy and needs to get out more
globaltourniquet, Jun 13 2001

       So... this would be like a disposable pet?
thumbwax, Jun 13 2001

       I kind of like the idea. Anything to make life more surreal. Could also walk frilly undergarments on a leash, or a favorite videocassette, or a hollowed-out ostrich egg. How about a leash with magnet attached: you could "walk" a parked city bus and when it starts moving you yell "Stay! Sit! Dammit, boy..." and then fall down. Oh, I *do* like this idea.
Dog Ed, Jun 13 2001

       he's writing about a pet beer, of course he doesn't drink, do you eat your pets? if you have a beer as a pet then drinking beer would be like murdering it
dekoi, Jun 13 2001

       Lewisgirl: I have A Bad problem With capitalizing the first letter On just about Everything. I dont Know Why. I Though it would be a Good "Spencers" Item for Sale. And Whooo... Big Words.. Take it easy so i dont have to spend all night with mr. dictionary. :) Mr. Globe: Whozlot is a boy who needs to get out more. But unforntunatly I'm locked in. My Peter: I'm old enough to drink, but the idea was for a Gag Item, Thats all. Z
whozlot, Jun 13 2001

       Well, yeah, dekoi, I expanded rather wildly on the original. Heh...are you thinking I should post a seperate idea? ;-)
Dog Ed, Jun 13 2001

       ("Why should a lobster be any more ridiculous than a dog...or any other animal that one chooses to take for a walk? I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. They know the secrets of the sea, they don't bark, and they don't gnaw upon one's monadic privacy like dogs do. And Goethe had an aversion to dogs, and he wasn't mad."   

       -- proto-surrealist Gerard de Nerval, explaining himself after being noticed walking a lobster on a length of ribbon.)
Monkfish, Jun 14 2001, last modified Jun 15 2001

       if you get attached to your new best friend, need a quick buzz and drink him should you feel guilty. i mean would you eat your dog??
anonymousno1, Jun 15 2001

       ahem? koreans eat dogs, ok not legally anymore but they still do. i personally wouldn't but just to let you know some people do
dekoi, Jun 15 2001

       A dog is for life, not just for Christmas dinner.
angel, Jun 16 2001

       a while ago i saw a dog holding a football[soccer] in its mouth, but not looking directly at it ,it -sort of- looked as though it had a football head
technobadger, Jun 16 2001


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