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Beer Keg Seat

beer keg that doubles up as a bar seat
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At a recent performance of experimental composer Phil Niblock, the small London venue offered a variety of seating. As well as the usual chairs and bar stools, there were a number of empty metal beer kegs to sit on and a variety of blankets to act as cushions, softening the impact of the hard rims on the posterior and upper thighs.

Being on one of these was better than standing, but not great after about twenty minutes. If only the beer keg had one end contoured to receive the average human bum, they could all be used as extra seating when not storing beer. My first thought was a for a plastic seat liner that can be snapped on to one end of the barrel, but this generates two parts - an added complication.

Modifying barrels to double up as seating has no disadvantages. There would be no compromise to their abilty to store and transport beer. They could still be stacked up etc; the only difference would be one end of the barrel becomes comfortable to sit on, because it has been re-designed that way.

xenzag, Mar 30 2024

Attachment style seat https://www.instagram.com/p/C5O38BAPmcD/
I'm still rather enamoured by the attachment to a standard keg [not_only_but_also, Apr 01 2024]


       Don't know why I bother posting anything here. I know who these bones are from. Both Trumpsters of course.
xenzag, Mar 30 2024

       The shape of the beer keg is functional. I like the plastic seat liner concept.   

       Where does the tap go?
sninctown, Mar 30 2024

       I'd do it if the tap were self-serve and ambiguously metred.
4and20, Mar 30 2024

       // I know who these bones are from. //   

       No you don't. One was from me, by accident - I just flipped it. Now you can moan about the other one.   

       Add-on seats to convert kegs to barstools are WKTE. But the idea of a usable keg premade that way seems half-baked enough.   

a1, Mar 30 2024

       (+) "but...why does my beer smell like ass?"   

       <off topic story>   

       A guy here got a contract to cut the tops off of 80 beer kegs to make serving trays for a local brewery/restaurant.
I scooped up the now topless kegs for a song and repurposed them as fire-pits for our campground.
The cool thing about them is that I get to determine just how big a fire you get to have by how large I make the air intake holes along their base.


       Bun! I actually prefer the idea of the attachment to a standard keg. Yes it is more parts, but the seats can be attached to any existing keg, rather than needing to change and retain kegs of a particular type   

       But why does my bum smell of beer?
not_only_but_also, Apr 01 2024


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