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bottleless water

Replace bulky plastic water bottles with balloons
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Recently, I was throwing out a week's worth of plastic juice and water bottles, thinking there must be a less wasteful way of packaging drinks, when I had an idea: why not package juice and water in balloons? Then, when you're finished, you can throw away the balloon (attached to a lid with spout, to make it easier to drink from). The balloon and lid would be a fraction of the bulk and weight of a plastic bottle. It would be less expensive, too, for manufacturers, I think.

The two main objections I can think of are: first,that the balloons might burst. Definitely, a thick balloon would have to be used, especially for juices. Maybe Trojan could come up with something? :) The second objection is that the balloons might give the water an unpleasant taste. I'm not sure what to do about that, but there must be some solution.

madpoet, Aug 27 2007

camelback http://www.camelbak.com/index.cfm
kinda like these but prefilled? [bleh, Aug 29 2007]

Baked? Or is it toasted? http://www.neonowl....articles/view.php/7
[monk, Aug 30 2007]

[k_sra], so they tell me... Upright_20ready_20meal_20mould
Or at least [Frank] did once. [theleopard, Aug 30 2007]

Ecolean http://www.ecolean.com/
Its done and work perfect ! Check out company, formed by Hans Rausing well known inventor that discovered a way to bag fluids into cardboard/plastic containers (tetra pak) [bengtnick, Dec 24 2009]


       Biggest obection I can see is the difficulty of stacking and handling these en masse, creating problems for the stores. And balloons are a major choking hazard to wildlife.   

       And while the empty container will have less bulk, crushing plastic bottles eliminates that advantage. So you're better off just disposing of plastic bottles properly.   

       (Having just spent a week on the Georgia coast, I was appalled not just at the usual trash that floated in off the sea, but at just how many of the plastic bottles and cups on the pristine beaches had the hotel's logo on them. Is it really that difficult to put your trash in the bin?)
DrCurry, Aug 27 2007

       Plastic bottles give the water an unpleasant taste too. (actually, only the half-liter and liter bottles do - for some reason the gallon ones always taste fine).
phundug, Aug 27 2007

       [phundug] Check the labels -- sometimes water of the same brand comes from different sources depending on the container size.   

       Arrowhead, for example, tastes great in .5l bottles and the label says water is from a spring, but the gallon containers are, IIRC, "filtered water" -- tastes accordingly.   

       /how about edible bottles?
xipetotec, Aug 27 2007

       My biggest objections would be the balloons trying to forcefully shoot water down my throat when I only wanted a sip.   

       I'm assuming that these balloons would be thick and contract when they are emptied, so what's to prevent the balloon from going ape and shooting water everywhere when the nozzle is opened?
bleh, Aug 27 2007

       for all the objections mentioned I'm going to have to vote negatory. However, excellant choice of subject. How do we curb the overabundance of water bottles in land fills and littering the byways?
dentworth, Aug 27 2007

       Maybe we can fill the bottles with crude oil and build oil tankers out of them.
phundug, Aug 27 2007

       <obligatory> If only there was some way to deliver water directly to the home, on demand, and do away with plastic bottles altogether. </obligatory>
Texticle, Aug 27 2007

       Freezing the water into cube shaped pieces could work. You could put these pieces into bags, and because they are solid, they wouldn't leak and you could just melt however much you need.
phundug, Aug 27 2007

       Cool, reay-to-purchase water balloon ammo!
RayfordSteele, Aug 27 2007

       Lt Frank: I think someone slipped something into that water bottle...
DrCurry, Aug 28 2007

       In Belize the Crystal water company sells 12 oz. plastic bags of water which are simply torn open with the teeth and squozen into the mouth. In stores, they are the most economical water source available, because they are just little bags. So, the concept is baked.
monk, Aug 28 2007

       Bun for thought, though, still.
monk, Aug 28 2007

       you said 'squozen'   


       I needed that
evilpenguin, Aug 28 2007

       A lot of bottles are ribbed for her pleasure (mother nature) so that you can crush them to a smaller size. A bottle before it's inflated looks like a test tube with a screw cap. I'm not sure if they would behave the same as a crisp packet when heated (shrink to a smaller size) but if they did that could be a solution.   

       This is all a moo point of course if you recycle, although it would be handy to have some kind of machine for making the waste more compact for transportation. I can't think what you'd name such a device though
marklar, Aug 28 2007

       In Germany milk came in a sort of plastic bag for some time. You had to buy a hard-plastic container to be able to handle it, but just once. I'm not sure why they quit doing it, it cannot have been because of spillage, as i never saw one burst.
loonquawl, Aug 28 2007

       [monk] beat me to it but this was baked in Colombia also. The water in the economical bags tasted awful though.
theleopard, Aug 28 2007

       Ice, the ultimate bottleless water.   

       I agree with Texticle's thought, we need to figure out some way to deliver water to homes, business, restaurants, etc, and some manner of imbibing that water that doesn't require one-use plastic bottles.
Noexit, Aug 28 2007

       Stand in the rain looking up with your mouth open and your tongue out.
theleopard, Aug 28 2007

       I think most people missed my point, that there would be a lid attached to the water balloon, with a spout that would make it easier to drink from. I'm not suggesting just drinking out of a water balloon. The water that comes out of your tap is under high pressure, too, but it doesn't 'shoot everywhere' does it?   

       Of course, if you're at home, you can drink tapwater. But if you're out jogging, it's a bit different.   

       Even crushed, plastic bottles take up more space than a balloon would (just think of how many condoms they can fit into a pack).   

       I like the idea of the ribbed bottles though. That's smart.
madpoet, Aug 28 2007

       Oh, by the way, the reason I buy bottled water is that I live in China. (I teach English here.) You can drink the tapwater in China, but I wouldn't recommend it.
madpoet, Aug 28 2007

       The objections to this idea are naught but easily overcome hitches in a very reasonable plan. It is a source of regret to me that good, well intentioned, and logical ideas like this are often met with almost completely negative reaction and seemingly deliberate misunderstanding. The fact that this is already done in more impoverished and less rigidity-obsessed areas of the world should count for something.
monk, Aug 28 2007

       Lt Frank: that would require the participation of angry villagers with pitchforks and burning torches. But I'm sure we could rustle some up for you.
DrCurry, Aug 29 2007

       "sheroids" "reay-to-purchase" and "moo point" - are we having fun yet?
k_sra, Aug 29 2007

       Don't they sell lucozade pouches with spouts? Plus there's capri sun sold in bags.   

       What are she-roids?
theleopard, Aug 29 2007

       //The water that comes out of your tap is under high pressure, too, but it doesn't 'shoot everywhere' does it?//   

       so you're proposing a pressure reducing fitting on top of a water balloon like structure? what will this fitting be made of and will it be as easily disposable?   

       or is the idea for a pre-filled camelBACK similar to what hikers and bikers use?
bleh, Aug 29 2007

       So the real source for this idea was the need for water while out jogging without having to use a bottle. Just check your local yard-watering regulations and jog a route designed to take you alongside the even-numbered addresses on their assigned days and the odd-numbered ones the other days. That way when you need a drink you just stick your head in the spray from somebody's sprinkler. Free water, no bottle to carry or dispose of.
Canuck, Aug 29 2007

       What happens when they pop? Carbonated drinks would be fun
cpf, Aug 29 2007

       Thanks, Monk, for reference to that article. So, someone has invented this already. And guess what? It won an award for BEST NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR. While I suggest virtually the same thing on halfbakery and get almost universally panned! What does that tell you? I'm outta here.
madpoet, Aug 30 2007

       i think the [poet] is [mad].
k_sra, Aug 30 2007

       To be fair, not sure why it got boned so much. If an idea's already baked I just stay neutral.
theleopard, Aug 30 2007

       One way to solve the stacking problem: freeze it in cubes before shipping.
DrCurry, Aug 30 2007

       3 up to 7 down isn't that bad actually. for an idea that's already baked. this is a tough crowd, [madlyricist], you'll get over it.   

       [theleopard], you can't change your spots.
k_sra, Aug 30 2007

       I think that you could make this work if you were looking for a vending machine model. Basically you could use a water hookup and have juice/cola concentrate. Then you inflate a balloon with EZ-sip-tip (flow regulator) and save on restocking visits as well as bottle disposal. Perhaps a school? (But they better be tamper proof tips!)
wuss, Aug 30 2007

       transoprting: adding that to my new-fangled dictionary
k_sra, Aug 30 2007

       The reason bagged drinks aren't going to happen in the states for a while is that the bottle people got into the business with glass bottles before bag technology was possible, switched to plastic when they forgot what a good thing they had going, and they have been making a lot of profit and a lot of waste ever since. At this point, whether the public knows it or not, they will be doing everything they can to blast beverage bags out of the water with their superior monetaries. And madpoet, it took me a long time to realize this, but being "almost universally" boned doesn't necessarily have to be a wound to your ego or a statement about your sexuality.
monk, Aug 31 2007

       Like the idea. Ecolean as i posted as a link does exactly this. The packing is easy like stacking fluid water into a barrel, ive been told. If thats not true packing is easier with standard carriers and boxes that carries the weight of other on itself instead of letting the load be on other items.   

       I was also told that one of these containers could bear my own bodyweight (at the time 120 kg) on one milkcanister (0,75 liter). The plastic is degradable in nature and made of a plasticlike material with a main component of crayon.   

       This is a good example of a great idea with a lot of sceptism. Inventors and thinkers must close their ears to some of the critisism.
bengtnick, Dec 24 2009


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