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Beer camera

The font contains a tiny camera.
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You ask for a pint of Carling for example, when the barmaid pull the pint - a tiny camera situated in the font facing you, takes a photo. You can then buy your pint and the photo for £4 (approx). Amusing to see yourself looking worse and worse as the night and drinking goes on.
Bantam, Dec 19 2002

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       Now *that* I'd buy, [SDeG]!
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 19 2002

       How about a software add-on that stitches together the photos, morphing from one to the other, to give you a 10-second animation of what a night of drinking does?
krelnik, Dec 19 2002

       better use for that, a camera that simulates the effect of beer goggles, the advantage being you could show your piss taking mates what you thought the dog you wake up with looked like. for political correctness take dog to cover male/female.
engineer1, Feb 13 2004

       Aaaah. Memories. I have several sets of photographs which show this sequence. The first is generally OK with me looking freshly coiffed having quaffed but one bevvy. The next slightly rosy and usually laughing with my mouth wide open (and that is Very wide) with my arm round a stranger. The last usually depicts me slumped at a glass-covered table, my face bright red and sweaty, snarling into my beer with one eye half closed, hair sticking up at exciting angles and some part of my anatomy showing when it really shouldn't be. Horrid.   

squeak, Feb 13 2004


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