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Robotic beer keg attachment
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One small step to the Compleet Robobar... This is a Roombalike attachment for a half-keg or keg. It simply clamps to a keg and circulates the party randomly, pausing only when the nozzle is activated for refills...Of course, a lucky random-walk victim of a Roomabeer might learn first-hand about how that particular mathematical theorum plays out on the way home. One way to make use of all those robotic gladiators who have lost their spurs on the Telly.
cloudface, Apr 24 2005


       Tom: 'Anyone seen the friggin keg?'
Jim: 'last time I sar it, It was just coming out of the pisser."
Zimmy, Apr 24 2005

       either i've had too many, or yerr the zsexiest waitress i've ever seen.
benfrost, Apr 24 2005


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