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Keg Pram

Sneak in beer to outdoor events.
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Tired of paying 3 dollars for a can of bud lite at outdoor concerts? How about a custom made pram/baby stroller that was built to hold a pony keg instead of a baby. This outfit would include such features as built in baby noise buttons, cup dispenser, and cooling elements. For the cheap-skate music lover.
EddySon, Jan 28 2001


       Very nice, but you could also try a hip flask.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       One of the best ideas yet.
yamaco, Feb 11 2001

       This is a great idea. How about a spinoff product: the nappy bag that can accommdate a 4- or 6-pack?
1percent, Apr 04 2001

lolzcakes, May 23 2006


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