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Before and after autofill

I tried to work out what was common to all work on a computer and then I realised it was just a large Rubik's cube and sliding puzzle game of moving things around
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You have a start state (before)

You have an end state (after)

The computer works out the movements between those two states and infers all the intermediary states

I actually implemented this with A* graph search algorithm

Imagine a GUi where you can refer to things like a spreadsheet - this is the before state.

Then you say where things should end up..

The computer works out how to move things from where they are to where everything goes.

chronological, Dec 06 2023

Sliding puzzle codegen in Python https://github.com/...zzle-codegen-memory
My A* implementation of this idea [chronological, Dec 06 2023]

Where does the idea stand in relation to *this* sort of thing? https://www.reddit....anguage_with_graph/
[pertinax, Dec 06 2023]


       So ... you've reinvented declarative programming?
pertinax, Dec 06 2023

       Am I to have a large rubix cube in my pocket, to use to look at kitten photos on twatfacemazongle?
pocmloc, Dec 06 2023

       You don't even really need the 'before' part. You just need the 'after,' which as we all know is 42.   

       Piece of cake.
RayfordSteele, Dec 06 2023

       Wow such a negative reaction :'( :'( cry cry   

       Yes, it's similar to declarative programming.   

       You say where things are to begin with and say where they should end up and all the instructions in the middle are generated. I would love this.
chronological, Dec 06 2023

       //Yes, it's similar to declarative programming.//   

       OK, so how is it *different* from declarative programming? In the idea, which is the new part?
pertinax, Dec 06 2023


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