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CodePing™ portfolio

Get pinged once a week when your code runs
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I don't know how much of the code I wrote is left at companies It would be nice to find out.

Maybe once a year or once a week I could be pinged with a report asynchronously in the background whenever my code runs.

Then I would have a portfolio of code that I wrote that still runs.

chronological, Jul 18 2022


       Surely this is your job as coder to insert some kind of code that does this? And to disguise it so that users don't spot it and strip it out?
pocmloc, Jul 18 2022

       I see security holes...
RayfordSteele, Jul 18 2022

       The ping should get fuzzier as the code is gradually modified by subsequent developers. And some kind of wah-wah distortion should emerge as it gets integrated into a process which misunderstands its original purpose.
pertinax, Jul 18 2022


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