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Being diabolical in space

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What happens to diabolism in space....in the event that humanity does ever get its butt off the planet in big numbers..

Firstly, we'll gloss over getting a space suit that can fit over the horns and tails.

Let's take Earth Demon A, first day on the job, he tempts Alien B and then gets him/her/it sign the contract in...aha, no circulatory fluid...a bit of a damper that one,

Demon A gives up, after several hours in the bar, he tries Alien B. Alien B is incredibly tempted by the very idea of !amorianf]xxych.

Demon A is then in a quandary, first he doesn't how to spell it, and secondly, what the heck it is...so is this like mass murder, or returning library books to the wrong shelves....

not_morrison_rm, May 16 2014

God and space http://en.wikipedia...arke_short_story%29
Arthur C Clarke story [not_morrison_rm, May 16 2014]

Diabolical (or not) planet http://en.wikipedia..._Case_of_Conscience
James Blish [not_morrison_rm, May 16 2014]

Childhood's End http://en.wikipedia...iki/Childhood's_End
And of course, this is more to the points (horn points) [theircompetitor, May 16 2014]

Sinistar https://www.youtube...watch?v=S-XEINagmaU
[the porpoise, May 16 2014]


       What is the idea?
pocmloc, May 16 2014

       //What is the idea?   

       Religion, subset, the diabolical ones.   

       If you really wanted it, some diabolical app that compares and contrasts sins of different species and gives a comparative score of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest).   

       So 7 would be mass murder, 8 is parking in a disabled parking space (if none of the occupants of the car are disabled), 9 would be putting the books on the wrong shelves in a library and 10 would be...I don't know.
not_morrison_rm, May 16 2014

       This is closer to 1/25ths baked. Back in the oven with you.
Voice, May 16 2014

       I don't even think he turned the gas on.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 16 2014

       Nope, this is my idea. Disclaimer 1 - It might not be a great idea, but it's an idea.   

       Also thinking about pocmloc's comment, isn't religion is an idea in itself?   

       Also I'm not the only person to have been interested in this kind of stuff, see AC Clarke's vaguely relevant and Blish's much more relevant story in the links.
not_morrison_rm, May 16 2014

       Sorry this ain't gonna work unless Demon A has a cool name, like Sinistar [link].
the porpoise, May 16 2014

       I only 'rearrange' books which shouldn't be read, anyway. The Book of Mormon, the Secret, Twilight, Wuthering Heights. You're welcome.   

       I wonder how L. Ron Hubbard got around this?
RayfordSteele, May 16 2014

       I'm invoking the Stand Your Ground law on this one...   

       OK, Demon A is called Seething Wells, are you happy now?
not_morrison_rm, May 16 2014

       The early Christians were very creative, adapting Christianity to the circumstances they found among the heathens.   

       The idea of adapting Christianity to aliens is a natural.   

       Best would be proselytizing aliens who make first contact and start trying to convert humans. The aliens turn out to be Christians. The story would bounce back and forth between forensic attempts to figure out how Christianity got to an alien world, and description of the alien flavor of Christianity and how well it goes over on earth.   

       It would be most fun if the aliens were not blue skinned humanoids of the Trek variety, but !amorianf]xxych like, as described in the idea.
bungston, May 16 2014

       Yep, theology between radically different cultures, like people from Alpha Centauri and the French...   

       If I go nick someone's bicycle on Alpha Centauri, and in their religious code nicking stuff is ok, did I commit a sin...what kind of religious jurisdiction is there?   

       You could look at Sharia being only applied to Moslems in Moslem states to see complications..
not_morrison_rm, May 17 2014

       I think Einstein already covered this in Special Relativism.   

       Each conscious being will bring with it, any attached perception of why it's conscious & what it's meaning is.   

       All other conscious beings will have their own.   

       They might share some beliefs or elements, but not 100%, ever.   

       But, it's very common for one being to project their beliefs on another being, entirely incorrectly. Humans even do this with their pets.   

       So, yes, it's likely we'd assume aliens shared our beliefs & morality. But, it's likely entirely incorrect, and exercises in this would be interesting & fun, as they are so nonsensical.
sophocles, May 17 2014


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