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Chippendale Monks

Holy hot bods
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An order of monks who work out their bodies, minds and spirits. Their garb consists of long, hooded robes with black bow ties.
xandram, Sep 20 2007

(?) Rescue Rangers http://www.youtube....watch?v=2e5q6ubDlZE
chipmunks? [jaksplat, Sep 20 2007]

Hot Priests http://www.calendarioromano.org/
[DrCurry, Sep 20 2007]

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence http://thesisters.org/
don't mess with these girls.... [xenzag, Sep 20 2007]


       Whoa, wild dreams last night, huh?
normzone, Sep 20 2007

       I was actually thinking Halloween costumes...
but I know some nuns with bad habits.
xandram, Sep 20 2007

       I saw a calendar of hot monks on the Internet somewhere, so I guess this is at least somewhat Baked. (Didn't keep the link as I was looking for hot nuns.)   

       Oh, wait, wasn't monks, it was Roman Catholic priests.   

       Anyway, "order of monks who work out their bodies, minds and spirits" - go East, young woman, and it is Widely Baked. Remember "Kung Fu" ? One order amongst many. Good luck getting them to wear bow ties, though.
DrCurry, Sep 20 2007

       and they say NOTHING very quietly, in silence...   



       men, listen and learn - keep your mouth shut!
po, Sep 20 2007

       gorl, if they look like him, they don't need to speak.   

       oops I've had a bit too much communal wine tonight. . .
dentworth, Sep 20 2007

       It's the bow tie that makes it not baked. "Kung Fu" never looked like a Chippendale.
xandram, Sep 20 2007


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