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Belt Breather

An apparatus that makes sure you draw your breath away from fumes
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This is a device that fits over your face like a respirator. Only, instead of having filters and what-nots, it just has tubes that snake over your shoulders and down your back and attach at your lower back, just above your pants.

The idea is that instead of filtering fume components out of the danerous air just above your face, arising from whatever industrial/chemical thing you're working on, it instead draws the air from behind you, and more or less below the workspace area, away from the fumes.

If that's still in the danger area, the tubes can be extended on a cart and push away to an area further away from the workspace.

lawpoop, Apr 16 2017

Exhaust gas recirculation system in action https://www.youtube...watch?v=CgztUzqaL3E
[normzone, Apr 16 2017]


       There are facemasks and helmets that do exactly this. Some of them have a battery-powered fan to keep the mask at positive pressure.
8th of 7, Apr 16 2017

       /just/ above
lawpoop, Apr 16 2017

       Actually, this is worth considering.   

       In a fire, the breathable air is near the floor. But when prone, speed of movement is greatly reduced.   

       Consider a belt pouch containing a pair of lightweight plastic goggles, mouthpiece and noseclip, a pair of non-return valves, and a long, thin, double-walled tube.   

       When in use, the open end of the tube naturally falls to ankle level. The the valves are arranged so that the wearer breathes in through the larger of the two tubes, and out through the smaller.   

       Thus the wearer can stand upright, but still breathe floor-level air.
8th of 7, Apr 16 2017

       We tried this at BUNGCO but it turned out there were often plenty of fumes behind at belt level. Putting the tubes directly into the pants did not help. At all. We still get the "belt breather" out to haze new employees or desperate vendors.
bungston, Apr 16 2017

       Mouth breathers unite!   

       With propane burners we can burn all these weeds and not be subject to the pollen tyrants. Set your breathing belt to the opposite of your burner hand... AND Burn Baby BURN!
popbottle, Apr 16 2017

       This is down right crazy. And [Ian], you said exactly what I was thinking. God...how'd you do that???
blissmiss, Apr 16 2017

       //You're saying that the least likely area to encounter fumes is just above the arse?//   

       The devil you know, I guess.
AusCan531, Apr 17 2017


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