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anti-nod device

Be a stealthy cube/office napper.
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A thin, clear brace that fits under the collar and hair (if present) to keep one from literally "nodding off". Sleep with impunity in your office, in meetings, or anywhere. It can be combined with the already baked tattoo/makeup eyeballs drawn on the eyelids to add to the illusion of wakefulness. Useful to students, as well.
meninotis, Nov 25 2001

Nap Zapper http://www.juststop...e.com/napzapper.htm
Not quite the same thing. [egnor, Nov 25 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       no-one sleeps here
po, Nov 25 2001

       meninotis: are you sure you're not blissmiss?   

       Anyway, this won't solve the "Stuart, what do you think?" "Uh! Doh wha-" wake-up problem, but no one ever really asks my opinion anyhow, so croissant.
pottedstu, Nov 26 2001

       pottedstu: voice-activated tape player that just says, in your voice, "That would be an ecumenical matter." - or the non-Father-Ted equivalent.
Guy Fox, Nov 26 2001

       How about, "You might very well think that.... but I couldn't possibly comment" ?
salachair, Nov 27 2001

       You might very well think that... but I couldn't possibly comment.
Guy Fox, Nov 27 2001

       how about: 'Yes, let's just all meditate on that for a moment.' Then everyone else is allowed to go to sleep too.
lewisgirl, Nov 27 2001

       Plus a device which (a) detects whether you are being addressed, (b) plays back a "um, er, please could you repeat that" in your own voice while (c) waking you up.
neelandan, Nov 27 2001

       Sod 'c', surname-was-landan-prior-to-marriage. I say we just record a couple of colleagues' names, spoken in a newscaster style "over-to-you-John" tone of voice and get the tape-player to tack one of these on the end of the stock phrase, thus shifting focus off of yourself and on to someone else   

       "Yes, let's just all meditate on that for a moment... Rods Tiger?"
Guy Fox, Nov 27 2001

I thought the name derived from the fact that he was a Geordie living in a bungalow.
angel, Nov 27 2001

       Good try, GF & angel. <etimology> English it ain't. </>
neelandan, Nov 29 2001

       How 'bout, "That's an excellent idea, sir!" Or, less of a suck-up, "Yeah, I guess that's ok." Or if you don't like your boss, "Shut up, man, and let me sleep." Nobody'll guess that one.   

       Or maybe it just delivers a small electric shock?
TahuNuva, Jan 05 2008


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