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Beverage Heat Exchanger

Pen-like heat exchanger for your drink of choice
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Imagine a compact, battery-operated peltier system in the shape of a pen (or rather marker), and make it either heat or cool your drink.

Now, I'm aware that computer-geared peliter systems can take off several degrees of heat rather effectively on one side, and in turn heat it's other side.

Now with the flip of a switch, soak a few degrees out of that scalding cauldron of coffee, or rejuvinate that luke-warm glass of cola.

Extra-capacity heat exchangers can be sold as add-ons to either side of the device. Equip the heating-side with the shape of the Chernobyl plant, or a tiny model of Three Mile Island. Respectively, a penguin or ice berg can adorn the cooling side of the system as not to get them confused.

Letsbuildafort, Dec 02 2004

Peltier details http://www.heatsink-guide.com/peltier.htm
[Letsbuildafort, Dec 02 2004]

(?) Peltier can-cooling project http://www.tripoint...s/Projects/peltier/
Desktop-size [Letsbuildafort, Dec 02 2004]

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