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Bicycle Scaling Winch

Use bicycles for vertical travel.
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Ride a bicycle up or down the side of a wall using a bicycle scaling winch. By attaching the end of the extensible traversing cable to the top of the mountable stucture, and pedalling, upward and downward motion can be produced, depending on your position relative to the top or bottom of the structure.

The bicycle winch operates independantly of the wheels, which turn freely unpowered by pedalling. Pedalling turns the winch and is geared like a typical bicycle. The bicycle scaling winch can be used for horizontal travel like a typical bicycle by throwing the grappling harpoon into a distant object and then dragging yourself towards it.

The winch bicycle can be used in combat for the above mentioned scaling, and also for harpooning foes, and pulling yourself across the battlefield anchored by the weight of their fallen.

rcarty, Aug 23 2012

Pylon Climber http://www.cycloram...rama/pylon-climber/
I was quite expecting to readily find a pedal-powered hoist or elevator, but came across this contraption instead. It is not a likely device for use in combat, but it does solve some of the author's product mission. [jurist, Aug 26 2012]


       (Obligatory) Read this as bicycle scaling wench; which, as it happens, is baked. My friend has a couple of pegs on her tall bike, which she climbs to get to the ludicrously high seat.   

       I've heard of hippie types using a bicycle powered winch to draw ploughs and so forth. So much for avoiding the draft!
spidermother, Aug 23 2012

       I thought it would be a bicycle scaring witch which would be really scary because bicycles don't spook easy.   

       The combat uses for the bicycle winch made me laugh. So +!
bungston, Aug 24 2012

       A grotesque conveyance comprised of carbon fibre and aluminum alloy, it fires a grappling harpoon from the cross tube by pedal pressurized air. The bicycle can be fired from a riding position or as a long gun. Once the grappling harpoon has been fired, pedalling is commenced for movement of the bicycle winch which retrieves the harpoon, or moves the bicycle if target and harpoon are stationary.
rcarty, Aug 24 2012

       This mode of conveyance would be good for battles fought on frictionless surfaces. Even if your fallen foes were not especially weighty, they could still be used to advance, with fallen foe and bicycle winching towards one another.   

       Imagining now a football type game played with BSWs on a frictionless surface which of course extends infinitely in all directions (spectators watch through a glass bottomed boat hovering above). Would it be possible for two or more bike-mounted players, all started on the same line, to cooperate in such a manner so as to advance one of their team members forward? I am thinking it would not.
bungston, Aug 24 2012

       Turning a bicycle into an elevator? I really like it, except that we should find a way to hedge the risk of falling down from a building because of insufficiently reliable hooking of the harpoon.
Inyuki, Aug 24 2012

       //by ... pressurized air. ... fired// Do you mean shot?
pocmloc, Aug 25 2012

       I mean released from the barrel at high velocity. I'm pretty sure water cannon are readied aimed and fired too.
rcarty, Aug 26 2012

       Love it. Throwing money at the screen but nothing's happening.
Use the bikes' frame for compressed air storage, and I think that you'll need deployable training wheels to stay perpendicular to the vertical surface.

       Anything that can be deployed is a welcome accessory [2FRIES]. I think you're right though.   

       I had this idea a while ago, maybe over two years ago, but like most of the ideas I have, I just muse about them, then forget them. I was biking through a gorge in the Canadian Shield and was pretty exhausted, having not eaten anything substantial in several hours of intense cycling, and only drinking river water for relief from the intense sun. The idea for the winch bicycle came to me when I realized that I had reached my destination (I could hear people and cars on gravel), but that it was just over the sheer cliff face of the gorge not even 50 M above. I imagined myself throwing a grappling hook up there and winching myself and the bicycle up over the edge. However, that was just a daydream, and ultimately ended up having ro ride atleast another 45 mins until I could find my way out of the gorge and back track down the road.
rcarty, Aug 27 2012


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