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a snowmobile add on kit for bikes.
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Right now, mountain biking in the snow is a extreme sport, and a company even makes ski's you can clip onto a bike instead of wheels. so why not come up with a new extreme sport? by combining the ski add on kit for bikes with a snowmobile, and you get a beilbike. peddleing would actually do somthing, and you could go uphill as well as down. by having differant models for differant types and the number of gears on your rear gear cog, you could just get the proper one and not have to buy a new rear derailur. simple to put on, simple to take off, and just plain fun. for biking as a water sport, maybe just put a very large hydrodynamicly designed float(designed for great speed and high responsiveness) surrounding your bike instead of ski's, and make the paddles on the back tread larger and wider, and the front fork also attached to a rudder, and presto!!! a very wet beilbike that floats and moves in the water!!!
Cracked Helmut, Dec 04 2002

Skiing on 'Bikes' http://www.skibike....den_Graechen_02.jpg
[PiledHigherandDeeper, Oct 04 2004]

bike ski http://www.hansonbikes.com/product.htm
[normzone, Jun 01 2006]


       who needs a snow suit? just put some GoreTex® overpants on over your jeans, and a coat on, and you'll stay pretty warm. oh yeah, gloves too.
Cracked Helmut, Dec 04 2002

       just get some of those spikey tires from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".
tcarson, Jun 02 2006


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