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Bicycle powered ski lift

Rickshaw in the ski
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(Ski lift is not the right word. It would have to be a horizontal cable - ski flat?)

Another dream; Another Half baked idea.

The grande canyon .... ..... ... ... ...

Oh no! someone strung a cable across it ......______.......

If you look sharp you can see two buckets of Kentucky Fried... no two buckets of people Gliding below the cable.


\_/ \_/

Wonder what it is powered by? ___O=O____

A guy on 10 speed bike on top of the cable!

And he is wearing a crash helmet. Hope he has on a lite fall suit as well.

( The one thought I had during this dream was that the poor bike rider would get bored with the view, seeing it all day every day.)

Well, the 1st two links seem to say "Baked" . And their methods solve the gravity can turns things upside down problems my dream had.

popbottle, Sep 30 2014

Ski bicycle https://www.youtube...watch?v=ZgvHXp38aws
[pashute, Sep 30 2014]

Sweeb (New Zealand pedal powered coaster) https://www.youtube...watch?v=GDpwkZirSNU
[pashute, Sep 30 2014]

Not quite the same... http://www.halfbakery.com/user/normzone
[normzone, Sep 30 2014]

cross these with a bike http://brainz.org/1...ying-bridges-earth/
ropes? [popbottle, Oct 01 2014]


       Each person on the ski lift should have to pedal their own.
normzone, Sep 30 2014

       um... did you mean to link to your profile page [Norm]?   


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