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archived public transit data

so your employer knows the bus was late and tardiness wasn't your fault
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Public transportation services now have great transit time data for letting you know exactly when your bus or train is coming. However, public access to the data is ephemeral. My idea is they make the archive of data accessible so you would have solid backing if you were late for work and it was the bus's fault.
lepton, May 08 2018

Raildar http://raildar.co.uk
One of a few sites which provides data like this for the UK railway network. [Wrongfellow, May 08 2018]

TFL Data https://tfl.gov.uk/...3671#on-this-page-9
There are some historical feeds, though these seem to be one-off and backdated to 2009 and 2010. Though, nothing to stop you from returning in 7 or 8 years time and picking up the latest feeds then. Might be a long pause in your argument though. [zen_tom, May 14 2018]


       In Japan, if your train is late the train company will give you a note to show your boss. Otherwise no one would ever believe you because it happens so rarely.
hippo, May 08 2018

       "I was on a tram and we'd just gone past the Aioi bridge when there was this enormously bright flash of light … "
8th of 7, May 08 2018

       In Cambridge, if you go on a bus they give you a paper ticket to show you boss if you arrive at work. Otherwise nobody would believe you got there by bus.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 08 2018

       I can see such a thing being used by companies as evidence for civil cases to sue the train company for loss of productivity & man hours, perhaps the very reason access to this data is so "ephemeral" is the train companies have had the same thought.
Skewed, May 08 2018

       Has that ever actually happened, [IT] ?
8th of 7, May 08 2018

       That's just so sad ... like watching poorly puppies being drowned, by vicious uncaring cat-lovers.
8th of 7, May 08 2018


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