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your bike as a public clock
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One wheel of a bicycle gets converted into that of a clock.

The numerals are spaced evenly around the circumference of one of its wheels, just inside the outer rim. The mechanism that drives the two brightly coloured hands are located in the hub, and driven by stored energy from the movement of the bicycle.

Numbers would of course run the opposite way round on opposing sides of the wheel, so that the time could be easily read from either side.

As there are hundreds of bikes running around most modern cities, this would mean that the right time would always be available. Those not worried about getting their bike stolen, could choose a nice designer clock face, with ornate hands and numerals.

xenzag, Oct 29 2009

Monkey Light bike wheel video display http://www.monkeyle...m/m464q_gallery.htm
Halfway there: would only need coding to create a clock animation. [pocmloc, Oct 29 2009]

Drawing http://picasaweb.go...qAE&feat=directlink
A drawing of my gimballed suggestion [pocmloc, Oct 29 2009]


       Very good. Could be LED as well.   

       ulp, [po] beat me to the draw.
<tips hat>

       I think I prefer it to be mechanical, so that it can only be read when the bike is either stationary or moving slowly, though I do appreciate that a digital version could be made legible at any speed.
xenzag, Oct 29 2009

       The clock could be entirely contained within the spread of the spokes, and could be gimballed, so it remained upright as the wheel turned. A disc is not a good idea as side winds make the bike unstable, so it looks like a skeleton version is required which reads in reverse from one side. The mechanism can be on the lower side of the hub attached to the stalk for no. VII so it acts as the gimbal weight. Perhaps it could be a heavy steel mechanism with a spring, wound daily by a large key inserted through the spokes?
pocmloc, Oct 29 2009

       I was hoping a certain Swede had returned...
RayfordSteele, Oct 30 2009

       I hate the static versions in the links... they remind me of all those vile "novelty wall clocks" like a pint of Guinness with a clock face imposed on it. Shudders at the awfulness of the very thought.
xenzag, Oct 30 2009


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