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Cable attenuated training wheels

Cable action, balance action
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The right lever, is the brake for the front wheel.

The rear coaster brake, is operated by the pedals

The left lever, operates a ratcheted gear system that rotates the training wheels upwards x number of degrees per squeeze

There is a button that resets the rear wheel to normal.

This gives kids some control over learning to ride, allowing them to increase risk and reward as they like

mylodon, Jun 18 2023

Balance Bike Vs Training Wheels. Which is Best? https://www.littleb...rs-training-wheels/
[pocmloc, Jun 18 2023]

The Fred Flintstone https://youtu.be/3AyeH5i6m04
Not just for kids [a1, Jun 18 2023, last modified Jun 20 2023]


       I think there is a "tipping point" where there is a sudden phase transition from the training wheels being totally effective and totally ineffective.   

       Anyway, training wheels themselves are not a sensible solution. Much better to get a balance bike to teach the art of balancing (with both feet on the ground) and only move to pedals once balancing is mastered.
pocmloc, Jun 18 2023

       // a balance bike to teach the art of balancing (with both feet on the ground) //   

       AKA: The Fred Flintstone (link)
a1, Jun 18 2023

       Training wheels worked great for my daughter. You have to use them right, shortening the height of them gradually so resting on the trainers requires leaning the bike over slightly. When the child becomes perfectly balanced, the trainers are both off the ground, but still there ready to help prevent a fall if it tilts too far.
21 Quest, Jun 18 2023


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