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Big Ears

Auditory enhancements like they do on the Discovery Channel
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Many animals, predator and prey, have motor control over the pinnae, or outer part, of their ears. Barring the ability to wiggle them slightly, humans do not.

Big Ears are false pinnae for humans, fitted to a secure headband, with small servo motors to allow you to swivel your ears toward the source of a sound, the way horses, cats, dogs and fennec foxes can move theirs.

Three sizes:
Small - roughly the area of your hand, fingers together.
Medium - About as big as your hand, fingers spread.
Large - getting up around the size of a Texan's hat.

Useful for pest exterminators, soldiers, busybodies, old folk and paranoiacs.

infidel, May 25 2011

Necomimi http://www.youtube....watch?v=w06zvM2x_lw
Brainwave controlled ears. [tatterdemalion, May 25 2011]

Jumbo size http://www.msgr.ca/...humour/ear_horn.jpg
[Voice, May 25 2011]

First thing I thought of. http://4.bp.blogspo.../s320/bloodbath.jpg
sorry... [2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 26 2011]

US 4997056 http://www.google.c...out?id=fMsbAAAAEBAJ
Ear-focused acoustic reflector [xaviergisz, May 26 2011]


       Once again the Japanese are blazing the trail (link provided). They don't assist in hearing ability, the effect is only aesthetic, but nonetheless nifty.
tatterdemalion, May 25 2011

       Checked out your link, [tatters]. I meant mine to sit a little lower, so as to channel the sound into the ears, to enhance hearing... not so much to make you look like a Playboy bunny.
infidel, May 25 2011

       Could also be useful for us rednecks during deer/ turkey/ moose/ tourist/ bear-hunting season; do they quickly fold up or snap shut in reaction to a sudden loud noise?   

       On a more serious note, this seems sort of like an analog version of a real-world electronic device. Not to say that I don't like it.
Alterother, May 25 2011

       Not quite, [2fries & Xavier]. Bigger, and much more able to focus independently upon a sound, so as to protect, say teenagers, from being caught masturbating (just by way of example) by nosy adults.
infidel, May 26 2011

       Available in small, medium, large and Prince of Wales
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 26 2011

       Will the nosy adults have some kind of nose enhancement to counteract the teenagers' hearing advantage?
spidermother, May 26 2011

infidel, May 26 2011


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