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Big House-Looking Building

Sky Scraper that looks like a small house in perspective
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On the way to Wilmington Delaware from Washington DC I saw what looked like a regular house about a hundred yards off the train tracks, but then I noticed it was on the horizon, but it was the size and shape of a house that would have been about a hundred yards off the tracks. Then I realized that it was a gigantic building on the horizon but each side was sloped upwards so that it looked like a much closer house with a regular slanted roof. Then I realized that it was in sillohoutte and that it didn't look that much like a closer house but that would be a pretty cool idea to have a building like that, in fact maybe you could add in all the details, like 3 story sized window sills and a 5 apartment wide chimney and maybe a giant clown next to it and a tree and just a bunch of really big shit, does that qualify as an idea. Ok, if not let me add in something else that is not quite related. I used to work at a 3D printing company and we would take cubes and skew them in the 3D software so that they gave the illusion of being deeper than they were, you know so take a cube and make the closer face bigger and move it a little in the x direction while keeping all of the edges attached to the back face of the cube so that the attaching faces all got funny shaped and long, so that when you printed it out it sort of looked 3D but the illusion changed as you turned it around. So I was thinking you could add this in to the big house and the big clown, i am saying clown becuase of the clown in the industrial park idea, and the big tree and skew them. Ok so that isn't the greatest idea in the world but it is different than just a bunch of big stuff so maybe it qualifies as an idea.
JesusHChrist, Mar 14 2009

The Register http://www.theregis...angyangtan_mystery/
Looks smaller than it is - someone's built a 900m x 700m model of a 450km x 350km section of the China/India border [hippo, Mar 16 2009]


       You had me convinced at //really big shit\\+.
zeno, Mar 15 2009

       big stuff that looks small. sure, why not. (+)
k_sra, Mar 16 2009

       The 3D thing you mention is called "false perspective" - often used by film-makers to enable them to build sets smaller than they look on screen.
hippo, Mar 16 2009

       pretty cool+
//does that qualify as an idea// needs a question mark, so we can say "yes"!!
xandram, Mar 16 2009

       [bigsleep] Sort of already done, in reverse - see link
hippo, Mar 16 2009


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