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Artificial Island

A settlement with a vitual sea around it
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I recently visited Man-O-War Cay, a small island in the Bahamas, and was fascinated by the idea of living in an isolated small town. Man-O-War Cay has a few hundred inhabinants, almost no cars, and is separated from the "big city" of Marsh Harbor (20,000 population) by a 30-minute ferry ride.

Everyone is friendly. Everyone walks everywhere. Everyone knows everyone else. Crime is non-existant. Utopia!

..So I asked myself "How do you recreate a place like this where real people with real jobs can live?" The key to its appeal seemed to lie in the fact that it was an island of very limited size. It is difficult to create an island in the literal sense, but you could put up artificial barriers.

I would propose building a subdivision of small houses with a wall or a moat around it and only one way in and one way out. Entrance could only be made on foot or bicycle, and only small items could be carried. A fee of $10 each way would be charged to enter or exit, and entrance would only be open for 10 minutes at the top of every hour. Proceeds would go into a fund that would offset the cost of public services. Separate fees would be charged to bring in large items. No fees would be charged to bring in goods at the wholesale level. Small food stores and cafes would be located throughout the settlement, and there would be a small downtown buisiness district for less frequently needed goods and services. There would be many small parks. Roads would be lightly paved and only about 8 feet wide. Most importantly, there would be no cars.

RunVentura, Oct 19 2006

Walled city, no cars http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucca
Sounds a lot like the walled part of Lucca, if you leave out the fees and strange small item requirement. [Worldgineer, Oct 19 2006]

Man-built Island in the Bay http://www.forbesis...d/Home/Home.htm?j=1
island of very, very limited size [csea, Oct 19 2006]

Mackinac Island http://www.mackinac.../general/about.html
Stateside destination famous for being car-free. [jurist, Oct 20 2006]

Giant floating pykcrete island http://www.cabinetm.../floatingisland.php
Actual slands of most any size can be built from frozen water/sawdust. [wbeaty, Oct 24 2006]

Floating ski resort Eternal_20Iceberg
Put some ski slopes on your giant manmade insulated-iceberg island [wbeaty, Oct 24 2006]


       /only one way in and one way out/   

       Natural disaster, anyone?
Texticle, Oct 19 2006

       For comparison: Very small man-made Island with restaurant, lighthouse. 50' x 100'. [link]
csea, Oct 19 2006

pertinax, Oct 20 2006

Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 20 2006

       There are some abandoned islands in Venice. It would be kinda fun to redevelop them as, say, artists' colonies. But I'm sure the locals would want some say in the matter.   

       Years ago, a company I was working for was very peripherally involved in a New Jersey development called Port Liberte which was, in many respects, what you describe.
DrCurry, Oct 20 2006

       Sounds like a gated community to me. Sad.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 20 2006

       Reminds me of Marshall savages 'Millenial Project' in a way. Functionally, what is the difference between building an 'island' and just buying a ship and anchoring it off the coast of your choice? Picture an oil supertanker cleaned up and converted to living quarters and anchored off, say, Alaska. A short ferry ride to shore gets you to where the jobs, recreations and transportation systems are.   

       If you REALLY have the bucks, buy a luxury cruise liner and do the same thing. They can support populations of several thousand and lack nothing except a ready means of making money.
Moonguy, Jun 13 2008

       see the movie The Village.
jaksplat, Jun 13 2008


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