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Big Wheels

Can't crash with BIG Wheels!
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Airplanes should have HUGE wheels on the sides of them so that even if they go down they can roll -- (they tires would float too!). The planes would look like this:


lunatic567, Feb 04 2001


       Can't crash with big wheels... can't even take off!   

       Even if a plane with wheels like that could get off the ground how would they help in a crash? Say the engines fail and the plane plummets 10,000 metres to the ground (I doubt there would be a whole lot of gliding with wheels like that). What then? A few metres of inflated rubber aren't going to cushion the blow of tens of tons of airframe hitting the ground (or water) from that height very effectively...   

       But the passengers should be OK. They'll have their seat cushions and lifejackets to keep them from getting squished.
sirrobin, Feb 04 2001

       How about ejector seats for everyone on the plane, with a HUGE retractable sunroof?
Wes, Feb 04 2001

       Hmmm. I wonder what this button does. BANG! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! X 400
Ivy, May 04 2001

       The button is in the cockpit and you have to remove the key to use it.
my-nep, Nov 11 2003

       This just in: After the bold decision of BigWeel Air to offer ground-only service following the realization that their one and only giant-wheeled plane cannot fly, it's signiture plane struck a large tree this morning causing a massive explosion. However, because this is the only known plane to have ejection seats for all 400 seats, there were no injuries.
Worldgineer, Nov 11 2003

       Now I'm worried. If big wheels protect you from crashes they why do they normally use those tiny little ones on 'planes - they're smaller than the ones on my car? Does this also apply to bicycles? If so then the penny-farthing must be soooo safe.
dobtabulous, Nov 12 2003


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