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Big cheap LCD

but fewer pixels
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Large LCDs are expensive due to quality control. A single speck of dust can cause unsightly dead pixels. But this is because the pixels are so small to begin with. Why do the manufacturers of LCD televisions insist on going HD for anything larger than 21"?

If we keep the old 640x480 resolution for large displays, this means the pixels will be larger. Larger pixel size means more surface area of contacting semiconductors, reducing the chances of a break in the connection.

Huge window size displays can be made with less precision methods, and still have fewer defects. The bigger you go, the more pixels you can cram on for the same low defect ratio. Pretty soon the bulk of the price will be from the controlling electronics.

Aq_Bi, Nov 09 2005


       And there I was thinking this would be a stadium full of North Koreans holding up cards...
DrCurry, Nov 10 2005

       They won't sell any as nobody wants 640x480 or anything, really, below 1920x1080p. As it is, NHK is going for 4K x 8K resolution which will effectively render even HDTV obsolete in a few years.
bristolz, Nov 10 2005


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