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Plasma TV Frame

Custom/Designer Wood, Steel, Plastic Frames That Fit Around your Plasma TV
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Designer frames that fit around your Plasma TV so that that it blends with the decor of your house.
kcc1971, Dec 02 2003


       A coworker's wife is a decorator, and it was quite a project for him to find a TV that she would accept into the decor of their house. So I think there is definitely a market for this.
krelnik, Dec 02 2003

       Fine, now you have a frame, but what about that flat gray square in the center, can't have that, must stay on and pretend to be a picture.   

       And when TV is on, just disgusting how Rush Limbaugh clashes with that beautiful aquarell of a slim rising gothic church next to the screen. You definitly have to install realtime video editing software. Rush is suddenly slim and any blood splattering from a gang war in the news turns into ephemeral dots of frilly pink, faintly reminiscent of cherry petals floating in a warm spring breeze.
kbecker, Dec 02 2003

       [UB] No vomit, colorful leaves floating on a quiet mountain lake on a late autumn morning. The warmth of the rising sun still brakes up the thin ice that was the first timid attempt of a winter night to cover the land with a serene white blanket. Now the ice drifts around like shards of beautiful mirror. - Boy, was difficult to re-interperet those broken bottles. Nearly blew the CPU.
kbecker, Dec 03 2003


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