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Big flute

Make a flute from a fire stair
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There are big fans made to pressurise buildings to test them for airtightness. Imagine if the fan is set up to blow across the ground floor exit doorway of a multi-storey fire stair. It will start to resonate like a flute, but really, really low. Using the smoke control panel, open and close windows up and down the staircase to produce different notes. Make sure there is not a fire in progress, since entering the stair would probably cause deafness.
harperolocito, Oct 28 2008

Buildings As Musical Instruments http://createdigita...e-on-the-silophone/
it's best just to read the article... most excellent. [xenzag, Oct 28 2008]


       You could start a woodwind section in the business district.
wagster, Oct 28 2008

       Use the elevator shaft and make a slide whistle...
phoenix, Oct 28 2008

       Will not this lower the tone of the buiding ?   


       // would probably cause deafness. //   

       Actually, no. Subsonics are more likely to make people feel very strange, or nauseous. But by definition, infrasound is below the range of human hearing.
8th of 7, Oct 28 2008


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