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Bike Chains (BYOL)

Designated Parking for Bicycles (Bring Your Own Lock)
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Spaced at even distances around buildings, short lengths of chain could be affixed to the masonry on the external walls at a convenient height to allow bike riders a place to lock up their cycles when they dismount.

Could also be used for scooters, handicap vehicles, skateboards, and other things that aren't allowed into buildings such as street cleaning cans and canister delivery carts.

Adaptable for outdoor events as the 'Bike Ball & Chain'

reensure, Nov 13 2001


       You mean this isn't baked?
thumbwax, Nov 13 2001

       I dunno. Seems all I find by e-search are solutions that are bulky, expensive, difficult to place in proximity to structures or likely to interfere with other users (such as clamps on parking meters).
reensure, Nov 13 2001

       The wall-mounted vertical rail in the 4th link (Bicycle Transportation Alliance) seems close to what reensure wants.
pottedstu, Nov 13 2001


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