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Bike Lock

Why buy the lock seperately?
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This new design has the lock mechanism connected to a metal wire which is attached to the sidebar of the bike. The lock dangles from one end. when you find a stand to which you want to attach your bike pull the lock from the handle (it is connected to a metal wire that is internally connected to a pulley and extends) and wind it around the stand. lock. end.
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 03 2004

this one is very very similar. http://www.halfbake...self-locking_20bike
[po, Nov 03 2004]


       I hate having to buy the lock separetely. bun.
FireElf, Jul 25 2006

monojohnny, Jul 25 2006

       I only learnt to ride a bike last summer and I've already lost two locks.+
squeak, Jul 25 2006


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