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Bicycle escalator
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On the other side of the escalator stairs you have a thin conveyor belt for bikes. The rider holds onto the banister and rides up. Down paths of course work with gravity.
pashute, Jul 27 2011

Trampe Bicycle Lift http://www.trampe.no/english/
Trondheim, Norway [pocmloc, Jul 27 2011]

pocmloc's link is dead now. so here's a living one http://en.wikipedia...Trampe_bicycle_lift
[pashute, Aug 20 2013]


       "-vator" implies an elevator. BONE FOR MISLEADING TITLE   

       Just kidding. [+]
DrWorm, Jul 28 2011

       (I'll take this one, [pertinax]). "-vator" implies nothing at all. It's the "-lev-" bit that implies rising.
spidermother, Jul 28 2011

       You've given me another idea which i will now post.
nineteenthly, Jul 28 2011

       I liked this idea. Gave it a bun. Then saw it was mine. I'm not yet 50 :(   

       nineteenthly, which idea is that. Could you link here?
pashute, Aug 20 2013


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