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escalator exit alert

cautions you to step out carefully
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i had faced this before several times..get on an escalator in a shopping mall..while watching things around wouldn't realize that am on last step of escalator, so I end up jumping in a hurry to safe land on floor ahead.

so while there are 2-3 steps left before you exit the escalator, at that exact location, a ring of laser light will be placed at certain height..so irrespective of which direction you are looking while on escalator, the moment you see the light (you have to pass through that, so no way to escape), you need to look forward and be prepared to exit nice and smooth

laser light is just an option, would like to hear better options keeping in mind the objective.

ravi kris334, Aug 26 2013


       Party tooters instead of laser lights.
calum, Aug 26 2013

       Big springs under the escalator steps that fling any lingering passengers aside.
8th of 7, Aug 26 2013

       Uh, a great many escalators and travelators have alerts such as flashing lights and announcements to remind you you're approaching the end.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 26 2013

       + but a haha at the end would be more entertaining.
FlyingToaster, Aug 26 2013

       sounds very 1980's, if you could toss in some dry-ice fog and synthesiser music, it might be a winner.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 26 2013

       Some clothes pegs and cardboard like kids use on their bicycles to make an engine sound...but on the steps at the end.
Ling, Aug 27 2013

       A tactile ripple or hiccup along your step as it nears level ground would be good. Blind people, (the one's who'd appreciate the heads-up the most), wouldn't detect the lasers unless they were heat lasers... which would be bad.   


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