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Binary Sudoku

For the busy executive on the go
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A simple 2x2 grid with one cell filled in so that the opposite corner can be filled in to complete a binary sudoku game. This could be a starter sudoku, so that you have a success to build on. Or have it as a party favor at management seminars.
JesusHChrist, Oct 02 2006

Binary Sudoku http://www.drawingb...ad_e/id_s/9646.html
isn't drawing blog great? [JesusHChrist, Oct 02 2006]

Ternary Sudoku http://www.drawingb...1/filename/275c11ea
[apocalyps956, Oct 03 2006]

The 1x1x1 Rubik's cube http://uncyclopedia..._1x1x1_Rubik's_Cube
[jellydoughnut, Oct 05 2006]

Binary Sudoku http://www.gearlog....nnounces_binary.php
[phoenix, Apr 28 2008]

Binary Sudoku http://dailysudoku.biz/binary-sudoku.html
[phoenix, Apr 28 2008]


       You could make it "outcome based" for those who have trouble solving it...sorry couldn't resist.
augusta, Oct 02 2006

       For brainstorming, there could be free-form sudoku. 9x9, nothing filled in, simply come up with any 81 numbers that have no duplicates.
phundug, Oct 02 2006

       Coming soon:
The One Cell Crossword!.
1)The first letter of the alphabet (1)
1) The indefinite article (1)
gnomethang, Oct 03 2006

       Binary Sudoku is pointless, but ternary Soduko might work. Cells A1, A2, and B1 are one part, cells A3, B2, and C1 would be another part, and cells B3, C2, and C3 would be the last part. I've spelled Sudoko three different ways.
apocalyps956, Oct 03 2006

       Quaternary Sudoku is more aesthetically appealing than six-symbol Sudoku (using 2x3 sub-blocks) but even that isn't very interesting. There are 288 different arrangements of numbers on a 4x4 Sudoku board, and I would expect that they can all be produced from each other via isomorphic transformations (e.g. reflection, transposition, remapping, swapping rows and columns, etc.)
supercat, Oct 03 2006

       For an electronics class, I built a binary sudoku game, where each square in the grid contained two colored lights to represent the numbers 1-4. It was hard to play.
sninctown, Apr 27 2008

       Beautiful in its pointlessness.
wagster, Apr 28 2008

       You could make a grid of say, 4x4, fill in a few 1s and 0s, then give a grand total that all the row and column totals added up has to equal.
marklar, Apr 28 2008

       As Humphrey said - enough of this pseudoku. We want real ku.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 28 2008


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