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Dot and Box Sudoku

A logic game for 1, 2 or more players
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Just like old dot-and-box, but with a twist of lemming.

In my experience, Sudoku is a solitary game. There's very little shouting, biting or scratching. So, I'm suggesting this alternative version, with an aim to fill the time of those Triage Nurses.

Cast your mind back to the old childhood game of dot-and-box (where there's a rectangular grid of dots on a page, and you take it in turns to draw a line to form a box). Traditionally, the completee of a box, just puts their initial in the box to capture the place, and then takes another go.

This game is identical, except the contents of the box are governed by (a pre-stated/agreed) Sudoku template. I.e. if the respective box filled is stated on the Sudoku sheet, that number is filled-in, otherwise the person completing the box fills in their sudoku solution.

[inspired by po’s su doku mayhem]

Dub, Sep 13 2005

po’s su doku mayhem po_92s_20su_20doku_20mayhem
[Dub, Sep 13 2005]

Breaking News : Athletes - Gold medal for 'dots and boxes' http://news.bbc.co....amshire/4241942.stm
BBC RSS feed just popped this up! I swear I knew nothing about it when I posted! [Dub, Sep 13 2005]

Deep Beige - Dot-and-Box gold medal winner. http://www.bochenski.co.uk/deepbeige/
Hmm, I hadn't considered that. Perhaps with a bit of work it can include a sudoko solver too... [Dub, Sep 13 2005]

Sudoku.com http://www.sudoku.com/
[Dub, Sep 13 2005]


       Is it suduko or sudoku?
Trodden, Sep 13 2005

       Sudoku... According to the website (I'll put it up now). Did I spell it wrong somewhere? Tho' "sudoko" also links to the same place.
Dub, Sep 13 2005

       It is Sudoku. And this couldn't possibly work. What if you got a box that there was no way of telling which number should go in it? You'd have to make a complete guess, it would more than likely be wrong, and at the end you'd have an entire row of sixes or a block of threes. Unless you mean that any time someone gets a box, they have to put one number somewhere on the grid. But then provided every time someone gets a box, they get the Sudoku number correct, at the end all you'd have is a completed Sudoku, and no idea of who did best at dot-and-box.
quaero curvus, Sep 13 2005

       You'd have to play a strategic game to complete the squares that you knew the value to put in. If your opponent decides to argue, then that's where the Triage Nurse comes in.   

       Ok, perhaps they should use different colour pens, that'd make it easier to spot the winner - rather than just writing style. ...but I'd imagine that the last person to fill the last square is more than likely to be the winner... Going on my recollection of the last DAB game I played.
Dub, Sep 13 2005


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