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Mobile phones driven by doodle power
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When you ring someone, or they ring you; do you reach for a pen and idly doodle away on a random but handy piece of paper?

Why not harness this power by fitting a dynamo in the nib of a biro? A wire connected directly to the mobile phone refuels the battery; everyones a winner.

Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001

We Biro? http://inventors.ab...weekly/aa101697.htm
We now use Papermate™ [reensure, Jun 06 2001]

Mais oui! http://www.halfbake..._20someone_20French
Biro was a Hungarian. God bless 'im. [Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       1950: The French Baron called Bich, drops the h and starts BIC® and starts selling pens.
reensure, Jun 06 2001

       Reensure: That ties in nicely with the 1/2B idea to pretend a French man invented everything.
Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001

       "I'll have to go now; I'm running out of ink!"
Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001


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