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Fork in Plug game

You man enough?
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Ground fault interrupters are fine and good. But under their protection, a whole generation has grown to stupid manhood without ever experiencing the lasting wonders of a fork in the electrical outlet. Can they really be considered men?

The grizzled elders at BUNGCO pity these callow and unelectrified males. We want to help them. The Fork in Plug game is a game for bars where manly men pay with a small coin for the privilege of testing their manhood against the fork in plug. BUNGCO actually recommends that a hand be used on the fork, although variations are possible. Now grip the fork! Can you let go? Do you want to? How much is enough? Does it matter if you have your shoes on? Can you make the lights flicker in the bar? After your friend sees your gurning voltage-animated face, is he man enough to try? Drink up, and man up!

BUNGCO recommends that the Fork in Plug game be played responsibly.

bungston, May 06 2009

Wii_20Reckless_20Danger [hippo, May 06 2009]

Pen in electrical appliance http://www.youtube....watch?v=-pSw3xMIIVU
Reminds me of that chalk cartoon, La Linea. [shudderprose, May 06 2009]

Uncyclopedia: Why Stick Things in the Electrical Outlet http://uncyclopedia...e_Electrical_Outlet
"Yearning to find out what electricity tastes like?" [jutta, May 06 2009]


       Sold with a six pack of electrolytes.
wjt, May 06 2009

       "...testing their manhood against the fork in plug."
phoenix, May 06 2009

       <pedant>You can't (easily) stick a fork in a plug - you might be able to stick one in a socket, however</pedant>

I would prefer "Wii Forker", the hit new game from Nintendo in which, holding your Wii controller like a fork, you attempt to stick it into various virtual things: an electrical socket, a cake, Paris Hilton, etc. (see link)
hippo, May 06 2009

       Are there enough idea for an Education: Game: Self-Torture section now?
Aristotle, May 06 2009

       This isn't that far fetched. A fair number of children's games on the market consist in competitively torturing yourself or your co-players with (painful, but non-dangerous unless you have epilepsy or a pacemaker) electricity. They are inevitably sold with slogans that equate pain endurance or pain seeking with manliness.
jutta, May 06 2009

       Two stories from my youth:
i) "I wonder what would happen if i sucked the end of this radio lead while it was plugged in and turned on..."
ii) "This huge electric heater with the grating bent off contains some interesting gubbins. Hmm. Those two bits of metal look like electrodes. I wonder if there's a current going through them..."
I'm not sure what happened immediately after the dots, but i do remember landing after the second one.
nineteenthly, May 06 2009

       I know someone who, as a child, touched a red-hot car cigarette lighter against his tongue to see if it was hot...
hippo, May 06 2009

       //I know someone who, as a child, touched a red-hot car cigarette lighter against his tongue to see if it was hot...//   

       Hmm...you actually know two people that did that. Or know one and know *of* one.
Noexit, May 06 2009

       + when I lived in my first apartment at age 19, I stuck a butter knife on a broken screw in the outlet!! I saw stars and I'm woman enough!
xandram, May 06 2009

       /This isn't that far fetched./   

       I swell with pride!   

       Perhaps there could be a big Bakelite dial on the front with various flags, to simulate the plugs in those various countries. Alternatively the plugs could just be there on the front of the game, and you bring you own fork or what have you.
bungston, May 06 2009

       Eek. [jutta], sometimes modern culture is even crueler than can easily imagine.
Aristotle, May 06 2009


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