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Birth Control by Heat

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Ok, the scrotum moves closer and farther away from the body depending on temperature so that it can always be in "sperm creating mode" because too much heat kills sperm right? This would take some testing and all, but why can't guys wear some kind of heated patch that prevents sperm from being made?

read about temperature and sperm here


tinkin', Jun 25 2004

[tinkin']'s link as a link http://www.tiscali....alth/part1_4-1.html
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

'tinkin' - a poem. http://rps.uvi.edu/.../volume9/v9p81.html
tinkin is hard... [ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 04 2004]


       How hot would that have to be?
harderthanjesus, Jun 25 2004

       Would you have to wear it all the time, or put it on an hour before sex, or just at the last minute?   

       Welcome to the halfbakery, [tinkin']. Now please try not to have too many more ideas that involve heat and my privates.
luecke, Jun 25 2004

       oh, was he going to do the testing on yours? no wonder your name is so very nearly *lucky*
po, Jun 25 2004

       tinkin', I hear it's as easy as riding a bicycle
theircompetitor, Jun 25 2004

       heated bicycle seats should work wonders then.
po, Jun 25 2004

       How come you guys aren't voting, throw the newbie a bone. or a bun...   

       and [tinkin], you can use the link button to enter the tiscali link- just copy and paste.
dentworth, Jun 25 2004

       This luecke wants no part of testing his lucky parts no matter how many common household items you try to include... wait, I mean especially if you are going to include household items.   

       I'm holding off from voting until I am convinced one way or another that it will work and/or be comfortable (or at least bearable). I’ll have to hear it from thousands before I give it a go though.
luecke, Jun 25 2004

       "It's like 10 degrees outside, why is your husband always wearing shorts and a tanktop?"
Worldgineer, Jun 25 2004

       I have a friend who relys on this for his method of birth control. He swears that his orthopedic white underwear are responsible for his low sperm count.   

       The guy is a brilliant mathematician and programmer, even has a life and a wife, but doesn't seem to grasp the statistical game he is playing.   

       Myself, it's " V " for victory.
normzone, Jun 25 2004

       This method of birth control has been baked since Roman days. The men would soak their genitals in painfully (though not dangerously) hot water for as long as they could stand it. All you've done is suggested that this be done by a hot patch instead. Since hot patches are baked, I'd call this consumer advice.
Freefall, Jun 25 2004

       link as a link? do you charge phoenix?
po, Jun 25 2004

       Free to a good home, if I have anything to say about it. Why? What's the going fee? Will I have to declare taxes?
phoenix, Jun 25 2004

       <beginning to think we are being taken for a ride- get back to you!>
po, Jun 25 2004

       Hmm, Would it give you sweaty balls all the time. Mmmm, not so nice. I thought the heat impaired production not killed them. Maybe this has something to do with the Sweedish love for saunas. Frankly if it's a random encouter consider a condom for STD protection too. If it's a steady relationship consider a long term method such as IUD, combined pill, POP, one of those sub-dermal inserts. Or even the good old reliable condom. I am going to have to remain neutral. But it is all about choice.
not-arf, Jun 25 2004

       Heat is your friend.
dpsyplc, Jun 25 2004

       "cross your nuts and hope to die (sperm)"
I'm not convinced this would eradicate the need for further preventative measures...
k_sra, Jun 29 2004

       somehow I feel that this would not only prevent babies, it would make me more motivated. A Bun!
EdisonsTwin, Jul 10 2006

       I know of some "Enginemen" who swear by this. They tend the engines of the navy ships, in an extremely hot environment. Half of them have unplanned children.
normzone, Jul 11 2006

       I believe this is the method of birth control that pedophiles with saunas teach unsuspecting little girls...   

       Perhaps the saunas are not hot enough.   

       Hmm, a scrotal sauna... I think this idea is begging for some jokes about hard-boiled eggs.   

       I imagine that the device would need to be extremely small if it had to be worn during the act, and since blood flows through the area,we may need to preheat the blood that is coming in as well, leading to a strange package indeed.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 11 2006

       "goodness gracious great balls of fire"
tatmkr, Jul 11 2006

       Hot saunas are not meant for sex, I am from Finland and sauna is a sacred place in finnish culture. Good temperature for sauna is between +80 and +100 degrees Celcius, far to hot for any sexual activities. Maybe it is better in the dressing room to have sex between concenting adults. But back to the original issue about birth control, sauna is not the answer as you stay there only for short time. The healthy properties of using a sauna may even increase the sperm count?
Pellepeloton, Sep 15 2006


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