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Birth simulating shirt

Putting on the shirt simulates birth
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All-over printed shirt with the top opening resembling the birth canal, sleeves resembling legs.

Putting on the shirt looks like birth of the head.

Inside of shirt can be printed too...

Printing is the easy part, courage to wear it is harder :)

slovakmartin, Jan 04 2013

Birth Control Glasses http://www.stltoday...7-2e73aa72c0f3.html
[Kansan101, Jan 05 2013]


       the idea's a laugh[+]
FlyingToaster, Jan 04 2013

       - I misread this as birth stimulating shirt and was disappointed.   

       I wondered what could happen to a grown man that donned a birth stimulating shirt
vfrackis, Jan 05 2013

       More bones than comments, which is disappointing. Not sure how this would work, as the part of the body whence the head emerges is not usually covered by a shirt. I'm currently considering printing T-shirts which are slightly similar - prints of internal organs, i was thinking.
nineteenthly, Jan 05 2013

       Moulded latex better than printing.
pocmloc, Jan 05 2013

       This is an excellent idea.
rcarty, Jan 05 2013

       This was certainly not meant as spam, why would I promote a random shirt printing company... I have removed the link.   

       This idea came to me when I was putting a new shirt on my son, the opening for the head was quite small and it really looked like a birth, even without the print...
slovakmartin, Jan 05 2013

       Its actually kinda funny now that you put it that way.
Brian the Painter, Jan 05 2013

       //I misread this as birth stimulating shirt and was disappointed. — vfrackis, Jan 04 2013//   

       As opposed to "Birth Control Glasses". Link
Kansan101, Jan 05 2013

       How could an awesome idea like this get any fishbones?
JesusHChrist, Jan 06 2013

       I know right!   

       They actually had an act nearly this disturbing on America's Got Talent. The contestants were reversible. (up and down) It looked awesome until I realized they had a head between their legs. Then I really couldn't look away.
Brian the Painter, Jan 06 2013


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