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Clip Shirt

For when you're hanging upside down.
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A couple of years ago I used to hang upside down from monkey bars, and I had that inconvenience of having to hold my shirt up. All right, I'll admit it, the other day, I was hanging upside down from this railing, and I had to hold my shirt up, preventing gravity from taking place.

What I want is some little clips that either come with a shirt, or come so that you can clip onto your shirt, so as that you can clip your shirt to your trousers (possibly utilising the belt loops in some kinds of trousers), so as people don't go veiwing all. This could also help in cold climates so as your t-shirt doesn't ride up so you can feel the itch of a thick jumper (sweater, if you're American).

froglet, May 13 2005

one we half-baked earlier. No-flash_20yoga_20pants
[po, May 13 2005]

Google Image Search http://images.googl...icial_s&sa=N&tab=wi
Shirt Garters [contracts, May 13 2005]


       I would like to see reverse shirt suspenders, for wearing a collared, tucked in shirt (which I do about once a month). Attached inside the pants and clipped to the bottom of the shirt, they allow the shirt to move, but sitting down and standing on your head won't untuck it.
Detly, May 13 2005

       Wow. I never thought about that. I want to add it, but it's your idea... *sigh*. Joking   

       This would be some of the teachers at my schools dream, as loads of the kids go without their shirts tucked in, but I am not going to bait them with this idea.
froglet, May 13 2005

       Why not just say 'I wish clothes pegs/clips existed'? you know the ones that clip your clothes to the laundry line when they're drying?
maximus5, May 13 2005

       try string froggy, its cheap.
po, May 13 2005

       //Why not just say 'I wish clothes pegs/clips existed'?//Yeah, but unlike you, I don't want to look cheap or stupid.
froglet, May 13 2005

       //I had to hold my shirt up, preventing gravity from taking place.// I've always wished I could pick myself up by my shirt.
contracts, May 13 2005

       //I've always wished I could pick myself up by my shirt.// So that you could throw yourself out the door?
froglet, May 13 2005

       No, [froglet], I go to bars for that.
contracts, May 13 2005

       //Yeah, but unlike you, I don't want to look cheap or stupid.// you dont want to look stupid? Thats why you want special little clips to hold your shirt, so that you can hang upside down?
maximus5, May 13 2005

       Tuche (or however you spell it!)
froglet, May 13 2005

maximus5, May 13 2005

       I thought we had collectively gotten over exposing the flesh around our collective midriffs?   

       Just let your shirt hang down (up).
DrCurry, May 13 2005


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