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Buttinfront Fashions

Clip-on button-front and collar wings for t-shirts
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Have you found yourself underdressed at the office on a Friday ? Surprise visit by an important client, and here you are wearing your J-List gaijin t-shirt ?

Buttinfront Fashions has just the thing you need. The fashionable, adjustable, one-size-fits-all, wing collar and buttons clip-on accessory transforms your kanji-emblazoned outfit into a conservative men's shirt in seconds.

Clip on and tuck in.

" ........the sense of being perfectly well-dressed gives a feeling of tranquility which religion is powerless to bestow." -Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)

normzone, May 13 2005

J-list http://www.jlist.com/
[normzone, May 13 2005]

(?) Gaijin t-shirt http://www.jbox.com/IMAGE/1pb64
[normzone, May 13 2005]

The inspirational idea....... Clip_20Shirt
[normzone, May 13 2005]

[ksra], getting undressed at the office... http://www.blogger....=114909543415365823
[normzone, Jun 15 2006]

Hey, I found an image of a cute girl wearing one! http://www.futuresw...wag/ellie-goulding/
[normzone, Jan 22 2013]


       couldn't you just keep a clean shirt at the office?
ato_de, May 14 2005

       Yea, couldn't you?
Cracked, May 15 2005

       That would be ideal, but this would be an emergency backup in case you'd used your clean shirt up and not replaced it. Rolled up, about the size of a biscuit.
normzone, May 15 2005

       Butt-in-front? This sounds more like the fashion statement made by class hip-hop acts like 'Criss Cross' in the 90s, when they wore their pants backwards.
sleeka, Nov 24 2005

       Hey look, he has his ass on backwards.
bristolz, Nov 24 2005

       I voted for this because I thought it read, "Have you ever found yourself undressed at the office...."
xandram, Jun 13 2006

       Funny you should mention being undressed at the office [link]. Our own dear [ksra], too...
normzone, Jun 15 2006

       I believe that is called a "dickey"
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 15 2006

       A dickey is a rectangular patch of a turtleneck that comes to your chest. Buttinfront fashionably extends long enough to tuck into your pants.
normzone, Jul 27 2007

       normzone -   

       If you want one of these, I'll make one for you. I can't wait to see your white collar and button worn atop a tie-dye tee.
drememynd, Aug 12 2007

       Hey, (drememynd), I missed this one. If you're still up for a sewing project, I'll model it.
normzone, Jul 15 2008


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