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Biscuit crutons

Tea with biscuit crutons
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If you are like me (working class) you might like to dunk biscuits into your mug of tea? If you are even more like me you might find this level of activity annoying; after all I have a ciggy in one hand, and I'm typing with the other, I haven't got time (or limbs) to dunk!!

So, by combining the cruton technology from instant "cup soups" with those delicious instant tea granules we have a sure fire winner:

Tea with bits of waxed* biscuit in!!

No more time spent dunking!!!

*No one likes soggy biscuits in tea.

Spidergoat, May 21 2001

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       I thought that the point of dunking was that working class people like you (and Marcel Proust) could savour the taste of the tea-flavour-impregnated biscuit, rather than the experience of biscuit-gunk-infested tea. Anyway, if you're typing with one hand, and there's a ciggy in the other, you've already run out of limbs, unless you want to hookah-ize your ciggy *through* the tea-and-biscuit-crumbs. (Please tell me that you don't!)
angel, May 21 2001


       Are you upper-middle class, or lower-upper-upper-middle class?   

       You are right about the not taking ciggies out of mouths tho'. I worked in a shop many moons ago and we had one customer who had a nicotine stain ON HIS FACE; went from the niche in his lip where his perma-ciggie sat right up to his eye.....
Spidergoat, May 21 2001

       (I must know, from whence cometh the name "Spidergoat"? j/c)
absterge, May 21 2001

       I was having an idle thought of what might have happened if the radioactive spider had bitten another creature instead of Peter Parker...   

       ...THWIPP!! EWWWW!
Spidergoat, May 21 2001

       Like Mary Jane, now that would have been good. Spiderwoman, grrr...   

       [I'm off to make some 'New American Currency' now...]
[ sctld ], May 22 2001

       aaah yes... yummy.... buscuits coated in wax....   


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