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Bison Caesar Salad

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Why does it always have to be chicken?
DIYMatt, Apr 10 2015

No meat in Original http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_salad
From TJ with love and egg. [popbottle, Apr 11 2015]

Bison here in a wrap http://www.american...son-caesarwrap.html
[xandram, Apr 13 2015]

Grilled fish Caesar burrito http://eatmexicanfood.com/?page_id=306
[xenzag] is correct, once you start down this road we become a recipe website [normzone, Apr 13 2015]

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       Most of the Caesar salads I've eaten had ham and/or bacon for the meat, not chicken.
Spacecoyote, Apr 11 2015

       Recipe - see help file.
xenzag, Apr 11 2015

       I agree with [xenzag]. You must have ordered a *chicken caesar salad*... you can order shrimp or anything else, so I'm sure there is a bison salad somewhere.
Found one in a wrap...did you even search this idea?
xandram, Apr 13 2015

       A wrap? Hardly a salad.
DIYMatt, Apr 13 2015

       Hello - The Salad is in within the wrap! Take the wrap off and viola - a salad appears.
xandram, Apr 14 2015


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