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Salad Spinner Amusement Ride

Have fun and dry yer lettuce too!
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Backyard contraption featuring a motorized, revolving bucket-type seat, splash-shield and fixture for attaching lettuce or other wet produce.

May or may not include coin-operated switch/meter device.

surfish, Feb 17 2005


contracts, Feb 17 2005

       My "kitchen stationary bicycle salad spinner", was more handy, and inspired a good cardio workout. (The tires had sieve like covers that allowed the water to spin out, by the force of the pedaling).   

       Though down the drain of time, I must stand up for my demolished dreams.
blissmiss, Feb 17 2005

       Yes, I remember gravitron when I was a kid. My friend puked on some poor girl right next to him during the ride. Was not a pretty site.
darkboy115, Feb 17 2005

       hey bliss, I went looking for that one - repost a goody!
po, Feb 17 2005


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