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Salad On-the-Go
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Ever wished you could fix a salad, but had to rush somewhere? Have a SaladBar!

Our salad bars are made with the finest vegetables, dehydrated and compressed into a convenient size. When you're ready to eat, just squeeze it, and the water/dressing packet bursts. Shake it up a bit, and you've got fully reconstituted and dressed salad! Our patented wrapper unfolds into a convenient tray, revealing the built-in fork, and you're ready to eat! Salat!

galukalock, Jan 26 2004


       Heck, why not?
spacecadet, Jan 26 2004

       Include a glow-stick for a late night dinner in the car.
kbecker, Jan 26 2004

       [UB] Good point. Maybe hot, dry air dehydration instead?
galukalock, Jan 26 2004

       Oh, [UB], sweetness. Lettuce in salad. How veeeery eighties.
squeak, Jan 27 2004

       let us not be salad snobs.
po, Jan 27 2004

       I have some dehydrated salad in my fridge ... I wouldn't eat it.
k_sra, Jan 27 2004

       who you saving it for?
po, Jan 27 2004

       This could be really good. The flavors in the dressing would infuse through the veggies. The rehydration would be happening with flavored liquids, which would supermarinate the veggies, allowing for intense flavor possibilities.
DonBirnam, Jan 27 2004

       [po] Just call me Nigella.   

       Anyway. De/rehydrated veg is pretty *ack* and slimy. And ready-made bean/tuna/other stuff salads are already available in tins.
squeak, Jan 27 2004

       Hey - I'll take that dehydrated salad from ya, [k_sra] ...   

       Send it to PO Box ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 27 2004

       And whatever would you do with dessicated spinach, m'boy?
k_sra, Jan 27 2004

       You mean desiccated? Probably shellack it and pin it up on my wall ... we have such wacky things on our walls ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 27 2004

       <deprived Yank of Midwest> Huh? </dym>
k_sra, Jan 27 2004

       UB - hah! rocket! mmm
po, Jan 27 2004

       // Probably shellack it and pin it up on my wall ... we have such wacky things on our walls ...//   

       you want to put WHAT on our walls????
babyhawk, Jan 27 2004


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