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Bitter Sweet

Are you chewing, Boy? Spit that out!
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A while ago, I heard that part of the efficacy of Aspirin is down to it's taste - Aspirin tastes very bitter.

The idea - Make a sweet that tastes like Aspirin (i.e. so completely bitter that your tongue thinks it's sweet) - but other than that is inert.

Your body is fooled into thinking you're taking Aspirin and any ailment you're suffering from might subside (things Aspirin's good at dealing with headache, period pain, blood pressure...)

Dub, Mar 15 2006


       Google placebo.
egbert, Mar 15 2006

       //Are you chewing, Boy// and
//period pain//
You haven't got the hang of this gender thing yet, have you [Dub]?

[egbert] Check the category...
coprocephalous, Mar 15 2006

       I like the musical twist of words to this.
skinflaps, Mar 15 2006

       What, [skinflaps], you mean music like a symphony, with verve?
coprocephalous, Mar 15 2006

       That's one, the other, have a snappy new music DVD out at the moment.   

       As for the idea, I hate that taste.
skinflaps, Mar 15 2006

       I have very seldom tasted an aspirin, despite taking one each morning. It's possible that anyone so clumsy at taking pills could be fooled by a placebo. Fishbone anyhow.   

       Or is this a cultural thing? Maybe some folks crush the aspirin to increase the speed with which it takes effect, or maybe British aspirin tablets aren't as firmly packed as American ones. Fishbone, still.
baconbrain, Mar 15 2006

       [skinflaps]What? The "so bitter it's sweet again" effect?
Dub, Mar 15 2006

       Verve-Bittersweet Symphony.   

skinflaps, Mar 16 2006


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