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Fly behind, by the force and momentum of your Bizike.
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Every cyclist knows the irritation of having to walk with a broken bike. While irritating, the burden of a broken bike is not so great, as leaning on a broken bike while pushing it relieves perhaps a greater load than if it was dragged scraping along the ground behind you on a tether. Riding a Bizike is at least somewhat better than either of these examples.

A Bizike is quite a heavy built contraption that can be pedalled with quite some difficulty, like all bikes it seems, but this one is a great deal more difficult than most. Pedalling winds a steel coil in the wheels which gradually tightens from a coil of a diameter approximately the size of the wheel to one that is substantially more compact than that. Once these coils are wound to their maximum smallest diameter, the potential energy can be released.

Once released, the rider holds on to the handlebars for dear life, while at the same time leaping headlong through the air as the coils unwind beneath. Riding a Bikize should be accompanied by random cries of BIIIZIKE!, and likely more predictable cries such as those made when falling.

rcarty, Mar 14 2011


       It depends what you mean by that, but it can certainly turn a heel into a sprained foot.
rcarty, Mar 14 2011

       A clock spring in the rear wheel? Does the spring simply drive the wheel or does it have a 'foot' as suggested in previous annos? What does it have to do with pushing a broken bike (apart from the fact that it will probably soon be a broken bike).
Twizz, Mar 14 2011

pashute, Jun 16 2017

       The more ideas I put on my list of ideas to post, the more often an idea gets posted by someone else that's similar to one on my list.
notexactly, Jun 16 2017


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