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Bike side rest chair

Folding chair for resting when not riding
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Instead of putting the bike on the side, when you stop to rest, and sitting on an uncomfortable rock, let your bike join the fun.

This chair folds out from the connection bar. Perhaps one foot short and one long, with the "hammock" leveled, by "correcting threads".

Please see my initial drawing in the quarterbakery link. The link leads to an animation showing how it folds, (and how I drew the bike with my dysfunctional laptop touchpad).

I'm not shooting out too many ideas anymore... started using the "pashutery" quarterbakery blog, after [bigsleep]'s remark.

Call for halfbaker's designs, and thoughts how to make this extremely lightweight and simple.

pashute, Jul 31 2013

Quarterbakery idea - Bike side rest chair http://quarterbaker...mfortably-when.html
could be good for motorcycles as well. [pashute, Jul 31 2013]

Seat design sketch http://eighthofseve...8/bicycle-seat.html
As described. [8th of 7, Aug 01 2013]

8th of 7 gets equal rights. https://www.quirky....ding&categories=all
[pashute, Jun 23 2014]


       If the bike has a kickstand you can deploy that and then just sit on the bike seat.
Vernon, Jul 31 2013

       The kick stand wont hold you on the bike,   

       the bike seat is built for power riding not for comfort,   

       and the bike seat does not have arm rests, a back rest or a head rest (unless its a recumbent bike, in which case I "rest" my case).
pashute, Jul 31 2013

       This is a clever bike idea. I think a good idea would to have a seat inside the diamond frame that folds down and rests on the pedal. If the pedal is in the up position it would not fold down. It would be more like a folding lawn chair than a hammock seat. In this arrangement the seat would have to be held closed by fasteners. Alternatively, a seat could fold down automatically, when the bike is turned upside down, however this might flap around when riding.   

       What did [bigsleep] say? He logs more halfbakery time than anyone.
rcarty, Jul 31 2013

       One of the heavy "cargo bike" kickstands will fully support a person sitting on the bike, but not off- center as much as this load would be.   

       Probably your best bet would be a simple folding seat that mounts to the off-side chain stay, with the back upright against the seat stay. That would put it in the same position as a rear pannier or a rear rack.   

       You would also want a pair of legs on a linkage that folds out as you put the seat down, which would put the load of a sitter between those legs and the rear axle.
MechE, Jul 31 2013

       big - enjoy the vacation.   

       bigsleep said that i'm putting up too many ideas that i haven't thought thru before posting. So I'm now putting them up on quarterbakery, sometimes refining them sometimes just seeing their flaws, or finding out that they are baked already. I'll be putting up only the ones that truly seem good. (Like this one)   

       MechE could you make a quick sketch?   

       I recommend deviantart.com for that, they are great.
Or for easy online CAD : Tinkercad.com
pashute, Aug 01 2013

       Consider the triangular nature of the typical bicycle frame ...   

       The "seat" element is triangular and fits within the triangle formed by the crossbar, seat tube, and front tube.   

       When deployed , one corner of the triangular seat attaches to a bracket attached either to the seat tube or the front tube, above and clear of the crankcase and chainring; the pedals will have to be swung up to a horizontal position.   

       The outer corners of the trinagle each have a short fold-down tubular leg.   

       The bike leans slightly towards the seat, to achieve stability; it may be necessary to have a clip or lock to keep the front wheel straight.   

       See <link>. Some detail omitted for clarity.
8th of 7, Aug 01 2013

       [8th] apparently loves this idea so much he's created an entire blog about it.
ytk, Aug 01 2013

       Ride a recumbent bike. The seat is already there, and mighty comfy.
baconbrain, Aug 02 2013

       [+] Un-folding/furling the chair at the mall would attract bikesitters which would dissuade bikethieves.
FlyingToaster, Aug 03 2013

       // bikesitters //   

       How do you get rid of the bikesitters when you want to leave ?
8th of 7, Aug 03 2013

       // How do you get rid of the bikesitters when you want to leave? //   

       Simply point off in some random direction and shout "Look, isn't that [insert name of currently-popular boy-band here]?"
Canuck, Aug 07 2013

       Press the instant collapse button on the frame?
pocmloc, Aug 07 2013

       About 15 years ago I once came out of a drugstore at a gas station and saw a group of Russian immigrant men straight out of a movie - one with a big eye, the other with an extremely large forehead, one with a stitched up slash across his cheek and upper lip, you get the picture... all leaning on my silver-green '76 Ford Cortina, and Vodka bottles on the roof and motor cover.   

       With my heart thumping, I calmly walked over to the driver's seat door, while jingling my keys.   

       They moved their stuff, I got in and sped off, wondering if I should notify the police about this menacing looking gang.   

       I meant this to be a humorous entry, in continuation of pocmloc's remark, and in preparation of telling you all about putting finally putting this idea up on Querky. [ link to follow ]   

       But just saw the Israeli news about menacing people: They just showed that we caught the murderer of Yossi Mizrahi killed Passover night 70 days ago. The murderer was a former terrorist freed in the Shalit "exchange", for the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.
pashute, Jun 23 2014


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