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Blabbermouth Escape

Remote control to make your cubicle phone ring so you can get away.
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Ever have one of your co-workers talk your ear off? You can feel like an animal in a steel trap, gnawing your leg off to get away.

Solution: Put a teeny tiny remote control in your shoe or maybe on a ring that you could push in a secret way to make your phone ring. "OOOPS, there goes my phone... gotta go!"

seal10, Sep 07 2001


       this was on an episode of "frasier" just last night, where he called his office phone with his cell phone to avoid a blabbermouth (while she wasn't looking of course.)
mihali, Sep 07 2001

       you could do the same if you had to go out with your mother in law or something, and really didnt want to go. press a buttn, make your phone go, and then say your desperatly needed at home, or the office, or something. does it have to be limited to the office?
Zali, Jan 02 2003


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