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Black Hole Dome

A dome built from glass in such a way as to distort the view of the sky same way as a black hole would for those who're near it.
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The dome would have a lens on its side, to emulate gravitational lensing, with a black filter to simulate the event horizon. People could watch the simulated black hole in the night sky.
Inyuki, Oct 08 2012

Multiworld Dome Array Multiworld_20Dome_20Array
(kind of related, but simulates possibly habitable worlds near other stars) [Inyuki, Oct 08 2012]

Fully computerized planetarium projectors http://en.wikipedia...erized_planetariums
[CraigD, Oct 08 2012]

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       This is a metaphor for the U.S. budget defecit, right ?
8th of 7, Oct 08 2012

       Cool as gigantic lenses in domes is as an exercise in lense-grinding, wouldn't it be much more practical (and, I imagine, fully baked in better planetariums since at least in mid 1990s) to just project the stars on a planetarium dome with one of the current generation fully computerized systems, simulating a BH however you wish (and can program)?
CraigD, Oct 08 2012


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