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Multiworld Dome Array

Array of artificial environments under globe-shaped domes, connected by 'teleportation' portals.
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So, you would like to experience 'teleportation'?

An array of artificial environments under globe-shaped domes, emulating different climate zones, from tropic to subsaharan, to artic, connected by extremely fast, short distance transportation tubes, immitating "stargate" portals. Each dome would represent be a simulation of a different planet, from hottest deserts to locations with ancient cultures.

Such resorts could be built nearby nuclear power plants, because they would require substantial amount of energy to control the climates.

These could be used for both leisure (if tickets to such places could be sold profitably), as well as movie-making, and even experiments.

(For a miniature implementation of this, probably multi-story building with a fast elevator would work too, I guess.)

[I couldn't find appropriate category. It could be: Business->Resort]

Inyuki, May 15 2012

Artificial Environments Under Domes http://www.b2science.org/
More for science than for tourism, but I think they give public tours. [Alterother, May 15 2012]

Sort of the same effect VR_20Respite_20Room
[AusCan531, May 17 2012]


       Um... I think these already exist. <link>
Alterother, May 15 2012

       Right, just the transportation aspect is missing, as well as the range of environments does not seem to include the extremes, and the main purpose is different.
Inyuki, May 15 2012

       So, tell me more about this "teleportation"... is this about stuffing teletubbies in suitcases?
UnaBubba, May 15 2012

       No. No suitcases - Microgravity. This is how the teletubbies (^_^) work:   

       1. There is a single flexible teleportation tube, which works like a wormhole.
2. The tube is mobile under the surface, and is bent into a parabola, the ends of which connect two arbitrary worlds, which are not too far away from each other.
3. The tube's interior is made of slippery material (ideally, an array of fans creating a layer of air beneath you), so the frictionlessness prevents you from losing energy.
4. Once you enter the tube, the entry point closes immediately, and the additional air current is created to the direction of your travel, which pushes you above the surface of the other world.
5. You have to buy tickets to use tube service.
Inyuki, May 16 2012


       Although it's pretty creative and I dig the scifi element, the 'wormhole' effect seems kind of d!sn3y when you're otherwise just moving from one realistic Earth climate to another. It would make more sense (to me) if the different domes were set up to have 'alien' climate feels, only in a subtle, experiential way.
Alterother, May 16 2012

       On a planet nearby a red, orange or blue star, the sunlight would have to be slightly different... That could be achieved even directly through the use of light filtering glass.
Inyuki, May 16 2012

       I think this is kinda dome (sorry, couldn't resist) to death by Farmer, Dick, Le Guin and a dozen other SciFi writers, as well as Stephen King and others.
UnaBubba, May 16 2012

       and Disneyland.
FlyingToaster, May 16 2012

       ..Eden Project (though I admit the teleportation devices weren't working when I visited, so I can't really say "baked")
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 16 2012

       How come it is a Disneyland? No silly stuffed animals and no giggling visitors. The atmosphere would be much more like that of a museum, - serene.   

       Indeed, Eden Project looks close to it, just without the teleportation, right.
Inyuki, May 16 2012

       //Disneyland// 'cuz of all the interlocking set-pieces.
FlyingToaster, May 16 2012

       If it's a museum, then why the hokey teleportation bit? Why not just walk from dome to dome? Adding some incongruous theme-parky element to what is otherwise a serious and fascinating real-life experience doesn't make sense to me. It seems like the two would clash.
Alterother, May 16 2012

       [Alterother], not a museum, a simulation of wormhole travel to habitable worlds.
Inyuki, May 17 2012

       If the "wormhole travel" is so important then build a real one. Not doing so devalues the experience to a childish level, or makes it similar to the latest attempts by the deep southern US God Squad to offer a "creation" experience theme park.
UnaBubba, May 17 2012

       What [UnaBubba] said.
Alterother, May 17 2012

       Forget the tubes. Just one dome room with a 360 deg projector, some sound effects, a heck of an HVAC system, and a static 'transporter pad.'
RayfordSteele, May 17 2012

       [RayfordSteele], I know, modern planetariums rock, but how about the surface, the terrain, the plants, the water ponds and stuff?
Inyuki, May 17 2012

       All life is simply an illusion, [Inyuki]. It's not personal, it's just IS.
UnaBubba, May 18 2012

       [UnaBubba], it depends on how you define life...
What you experience, or what you are?
Just smart machines, anyone?
Inyuki, May 18 2012


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