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Black hole gun

Make black holes and destroy things with them
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This would be a set of magnetic coil guns designed to shoot pellets of the heaviest possible ammunition in such a manner as to bring them together at some distant focal point. If the ammunition is sufficiently heavy and the focal point sufficiently tight it will create a black hole upon arrival, which will immediately decompose, creating a massive explosion.
Voice, Mar 01 2014

Micro black holes http://en.wikipedia...ki/Micro_black_hole
Some reasonably relevant info. [Vernon, Mar 01 2014]

grey holes http://www.theregis...awking_black_holes/
...so what is it? [Loris, Mar 02 2014]


       Math ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 01 2014

       If you are expecting a mass to Naturally collapse into a black hole, then you need that total mass to be between 2 and 3 times the mass of Earth's Sun. This is also far too big to "immediately decompose".   

       The magnitude of mass can be reduced if two masses collide at high speed, and reduced even more if a bunch of masses collide at high speed, all at the same moment. A small-enough total mass can indeed "immediately decompose", explosively.   

       In between the small-enough size and the too- massive size, for a black hole, is a whole range of possible sizes. Some of them will explode in minutes, some in hours, some in days ... So, pick one that has an appropriate short lifespan....   

       A black hole can be given an electric charge --just let it swallow a bunch of electrons. Black holes are often spinning; a spinning black hole that possesses an electric charge will also possess a magnetic field.   

       You can now consider building an appropriately strong and powerful coil gun to accelerate your charged black hole toward a target. If you have timed it right, the hole will explode about the time it reaches the target....
Vernon, Mar 01 2014

       The third Newton's law is against you. As [bigsleep] said
piluso, Mar 01 2014

       I admit I hadn't looked into details of how massive a black hole might need to be, to survive travelling the distance between gun and target, before exploding. According to the linked article, We might need the black hole to be about 10E15 grams (a thousand million metric tons), rather a lot --but also lots less mass than, say, a planet like Uranus. A battle-moon like the Death Star ought to be able to shoot such "rounds" just fine.
Vernon, Mar 01 2014

       Decomposing black holes explode?
WcW, Mar 01 2014

       Actually, that's now back in the pot for debate.   

       Previously, we were pretty sure that virtual particles - (which occur from nothing in pairs, anywhere, anytime, as particle/antiparticle, and promptly re-annihilate each other and vanish back into nothingness) - would have a peculiar effect in the vicinity of a black hole's "event horizon": if the pair appeared such that one particle fell inside the horizon and the other outside, it would be as though the black hole had emitted a particle. (This effect was called "Hawking radiation".) The more sharply curved the event horizon, the more often this would happen - turning into an asymptotic runaway as the black hole's mass approached zero.   

       Hawking's recent postulate that black holes don't have event horizons calls into question pretty much everything about said radiation.
lurch, Mar 01 2014

       Of course! The Death Star!
bungston, Mar 01 2014

       I'm still looking for evidence of anything resembling a conventional, or even unconventional, explosion.
WcW, Mar 01 2014

       // postulate that black holes don't have event horizons// Say wha? How can a black hole not have an event horizon?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2014

       //How can a black hole not have an event horizon?// Well, sir, I don't know, but I'm not going to tell you.   

       You know how authors tend to get involved in a really good series, and then kick the bucket? (Yep, I'm looking at you, Anne McCaffrey, Isaac Asimov, Robert Jordan... or your headstones, anyway) I fear your countryman might just get it figured out, and then leave us. Or maybe just die of frustration trying to communicate it to us; I'm sure I would in his situation.
lurch, Mar 02 2014

       // Say wha? How can a black hole not have an event horizon?//   

       Apparently they now have a 'firewall' instead. (link)   

       Whether they have a gift-shop in the middle wasn't stated.
Loris, Mar 02 2014

       Vernon, black holes are often spinning?   

       What does that mean? That a black hole can sometimes spin and then stop spinning only to resume it some time later?   

       Or do some black holes spin while others do not?   

       I think all black holes must have some spin due to the method by which they are formed.   

       Or rather, the event horizon (or whatever is around the black hole, by whatever name) contains spinning material.   

       Because time and space, and therefor movement en direction are wholly different inside a black hole, to say a black hole is spinning is a meaningless frase.   

       Also I understand Voice wants to propose a gun that is feasable to halfbakery standards but this should really be a gun that shoots a black hole at something. And it should have a clip with multiple rounds and it should have rapid fire capabilities.   

       Semi automatic black hole shooter, yeah.
zeno, Mar 04 2014

       [zeno] EXISTING black holes spin because they originated from stars that spin (angular momentum is Conserved!). Artificially manufactured black holes could in theory exist with no spin. If we cannot make them spin, AS we make them, then we would EITHER (1) have to use electrostatics to accelerate a black hole, because a non-spinning charged hole won't have a magnetic field that can be gripped by a coil gun, OR (2) have to find a source of "magnetic monopoles" such that we could feed one type of them into a hole, and then accelerate it with a coil gun.   

       We can generate much more powerful magnetic forces than we can generate electrostatic forces, so we ARE facing an Important Problem here.
Vernon, Mar 04 2014

       [zeno], you don't want to go there. Can you imagine clearing a jam from a semi-automatic black hole weapon?   

       " First, evacuate the area..."
normzone, Mar 04 2014


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